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Document Scanning Prices

Document Scanning Prices

Document scanning is an important process that helps businesses to archive data and retain the information that they need. It is incredibly easy for documents to get lost or destroyed, and so ensuring that copies are made, or archives are compiled, is an excellent way to protect against unforeseen circumstances - whether they are caused by human or machine-error.

Document scanning is not only an excellent way for businesses to maintain their own internal files, but it also allows for easier sharing. Many companies need to be able to pass information between customers, clients or partners quickly and without hassle - a quality document scanning service allows for this process to take place with ease.

Document scanning allows businesses to reduce the amount of space spent on filing and storage; the process also allows for easier administration and, often, faster processing times for tasks that can sometimes take hours, or even days, without the help of scanning and electronic filing.

As with any other office expense, budgeting for your document scanning services is an important process for either a manager or administrator. Although it can be difficult for companies to know the exact cost that they can expect to pay, it is possible to use the information below to make some strong estimates as to what they can expect to pay, depending on the exact services, quality and quantity of documents they are looking to scan.

If you are interested in finding out more about document scanning service prices then keep reading this page; if, however, you are ready to compare quotes from top UK suppliers, simply complete the quick and easy form above. Doing so could save you as much as 40%.

- Estimating your Scanning Cost - Cost per Page - Total Service Cost -

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Estimating your Document Scanning Cost

One of the most important considerations when it comes to estimating your document scanning cost is the quantity of pages or documents. As you would expect, there is a difference in price for every job, and this is often dictated primarily by the number of pages that will need to be scanned.

Of course, there are various other factors to consider - with document type, quality and size all likely to affect price; often, however, quantity is the best place to start.

Below, you will find some rough estimates that can help you to determine the number of pages you will need to budget for.

  • 100 pages - Ring Binder
  • 300 pages - Lever Arch File
  • 1800 pages - Small Archive Box
  • 2500 pages - Large Archive Box
  • 11,000 pages - 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet

As mentioned, these figures are rough estimates, but by using this kind of system both you and your service provider will be better able to estimate cost, as well as the time-frame that you might expect to wait.

Using the key above and the prices below, you can estimate your costs. Speaking to your supplier can also help - you may have a mixture of documents spread out over several of the options above; if this is the case then you may need to speak to the scanner in more detail to better estimate your budgetary requirements.

Service Cost Considerations

As well as the quantity, there are several other factors that can affect the cost of your scanning; colour documents, for example, will probably cost slightly more than black and white. Likewise, if you want high-quality photos or images scanned, then the price is likely to be more than you would expect to pay if you were just having simple text documents processed.

It is also important to consider the cost involved in preparing your documents to be scanned; it is possible for you to lower these costs if you take a few steps yourself - sorting documents, for example, can lower the price, as can removing staples. These are considerations that many businesses would not consider, but they can make a difference to your final bill.

A more obvious consideration that you should bear in mind when you are planning or estimating the cost of your document scanning service is paper size. The estimates above are based on A4 paper, which is the most common; however, if you have a number of sheets in A5 or A3, for example, then you will likely need to adjust your prices appropriately. Similarly, you will need to bear in mind the number of sides that will need to be scanned; whether the pages are single or double-sided, for example, will need to be factored into your service cost.

As mentioned, the best way to ensure that you estimate your price accurately is to speak to a supplier. This is where Approved Index can help; we only work with top UK scanning service providers who can guarantee a top-quality service.

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Document Scanning Cost per Page

Document Scanning Cost per Page

Determining the cost of your document scanning by page is an attractive idea and fortunately you are often able to estimate costs in this way. Although there are other considerations that must be remembered, if you know roughly how many pages you will need scanned, then you can easily make an estimation as to how much you will be paying.

However, there can be complications in the estimation process. Generally - although not always - the larger the job, the lower the comparative cost per page. If, for example, you have scanning to do now, but then might also have some more that is needed over the next few months, then it may be better for you to wait in order to maximise any potential bulk service discounts.

To put a rough price to a scanned page you need to know how many pages you will be scanning; for smaller volumes, you might expect to pay around 10p per page; however the cost be change greatly with higher volumes, with some suppliers offering 4p per page for much higher volume orders. As mentioned above, though, there other considerations to bear in mind which may alter the price per page.

As a rough guide, we have collected together the costs you might expect to encounter for A4 pages.

Number of PagesTotal CostCost per Page
500 Pages£5010p per Page
1,000 Pages£10010p per Page
5,000 pages£2505p per Page
10,000 pages£4004p per Page
50,000 pages£1,5003p per Page
100,000 pages£2,5004p per Page

These prices will not be the same for every supplier, however they are averages that can help you to estimate the rough cost that you might pay for your document scanning.

If you need more complex scanning services, then there may be other factors which will affect the price. For photos or images, for example, you are likely to encounter entirely different prices.

For ordinary photos you could expect to pay between 5p and 12p per photo; for a single negative you could pay between 25p and 35p, and for a premium slide you might pay between 20p and 30p. As with documents, sometimes suppliers will offer photo scanning at a discounted rate if you need a larger volume.

Type of ImageStandardPremiumAv Cost for 100
Negative25p35p per Page£20
Slide20p30p per Page£25

As with documents, these prices are not absolute, but if you do have images to scan then this table may be of use to you.

Total Document Scanning Service Cost

Using the information above, you should be able to create a rough budget for your document scanning; to help you complete this estimate, we have used the information above to create some basic cost outlines.

As we have mentioned, these prices will not always be entirely accurate for your supplier, but they should offer margins which can help you to understand what sort of price you may pay.

Scanning EstimateNumber of PagesEstimated CostCost per Page
Ring Binder100£1010p per page
Lever Arch File300£3010p per page
Small Archive Box1,800£905p per page
Large Archive Box2,500£1305p per page
4 Drawer Filing Cabinet11,000£4204p per page

These prices are approximate; to get an accurate estimate, complete the form at the top of this page.

Because there are margins involved in the costing process, the table above may not be completely accurate. The price you pay per page, for example, will not only depend on the number of pages being scanned, but also on the supplier’s processes, as well as on some of the other considerations that have been mentioned above.

If the table above has been helpful, then you can expand the estimates to create a more accurate budget. If you have a collection of storage receptacles that contain documents that need scanning, for example, then you can try to estimate what cost you might pay for them altogether.

For a more definitive pricing estimate, you should complete the form at the top of this page. Comparing quotes with Approved Index can help you to save a great deal on your document scanning services.

Compare Document Scanning Prices

Every document scanning and archiving job is different, and prices will vary depending on your specific requirements. Some of the other considerations mentioned will factor on your final bill, but you may also encounter different costs depending on your region. If, for example, you need your documents picked up or delivered, then you will need to add on some other circumstantial budget.

The best way to find the perfect service for your business is to compare suppliers - this is where Approved Index can help. To save substantial amounts on your document scanning service prices, simply complete the quick and easy form at the top of this page. We only work with top-quality suppliers so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your documents will be taken care of.

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