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Ecommerce Web Design Ideas

Ecommerce Web Design Ideas

Creating an ecommerce website is a process that requires thorough planning; in order to create the best website possible it is important that business owners are aware of the important considerations and features that can influence the quality or production of a site.

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Planning Your Ecommerce Store

A good ecommerce website is key to both improving revenue and improving your brand. Creating this site, therefore, should be a careful process; it’s important to be realistic with your preparations and to take into account the various factors that can influence the creation process.

To help you create your ideal website - one that will drive revenue and customer satisfaction - we have created this guide. If you would like more information, then you might find our What is Ecommerce? page useful.

How to Create A Successful Ecommerce Website

Creating a Business Plan

Just as with any other type of business, the success of your efforts relies on a strong foundation; you need to put a lot of thought into your ecommerce website, which is why a business plan is useful. Plan which products or services you will offer, and prepare so that you know how you will finance your store.

Study the industry that you will be working in, explore funding sources and opportunities and use calculations to make both short-term and long-term income projections. Be sure to create a realistic timetable for building your ecommerce website - if possible speak to your designer so that can help you to come up with as accurate a timeframe as possible.

Set your objectives and know them back to front. Knowing where you want to go is the best way to ensure success.

Checking Out Your Online Competition

Competitor analysis is important, not only in ecommerce but on every platform. Studying your rivals forms one of the bases of market research and stands as one of the best ways for new or growing businesses to understand what strategies are likely to lead to success.

Taking a look at your rivals will help in a number of ways.

  • Products. Examining your rivals lets you know what products or services they do or don’t offer. Knowing this can help you when you’re deciding what to include on your own online store.
  • Saturation. Looking at a range of rivals will help you to identify products or services that everyone is selling, as well as the ones that nobody is selling. Just as above, these details can help to inform your own sales strategy.
  • Learn. If you know your industry then you should have an idea of what parts of a rival’s ecommerce site do and don’t work. Take note of the features and functionality that you like when you visit, and also take note of the areas that you think could be improved. Every note has the potential to add to your site’s success.

Competitor research can help you to discover marketing strategies and build customer loyalty; more importantly, quality analysis can help you to include and implement strategies that will help your site to thrive.

Finding Market Support and Marketing Strategy

Your work doesn’t just end when your ecommerce website is finished - you have to maintain the site and actively market your products and services. You can advertise your brand through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, and you can communicate with customers this way too.

You can also advertise your products and services on other websites that are relevant to your industry or audience, or in print publications if you feel like doing so could translate into profitable traffic. The most important thing is that you create and develop an effective and well-planned marketing strategy, which includes branding your product and identifying your target market.

Marketing without planning is almost always going to be less effective than a well researched campaign. Know your audience and, if you do not feel confident in your own ability to advertise, reach out to a marketing company, direct mail marketing agency or email marketer to ensure your campaign is a success.

Creating your E-commerce Site

There are a number of options available for building your ecommerce website. If you have the time, resources and technical skill to do the work yourself, then this may be the best option; otherwise, your best option is to hire either a freelance web designer or agency to do the work for you.

Unless you can guarantee the quality of your own work, we would recommend using an ecommerce website designer. These professionals have experience in the industry, and they know exactly what does and does not work. A specialist ecommerce website designer can offer guidance and advice that could help you build your site, and they can also ensure that every part of the process is conducted with industry practices in mind.

Compare Ecommerce Website Design Prices

If you are looking to create an ecommerce website, but you’re not sure on some of the features you’d like to include. Then we’d recommend conducting research - this can include the competitor analysis that we’ve mentioned above, but we also suggest speaking to as many designers as you can. This is where we can help. Fill in the form at the top of this page and we can put you in contact with top-quality professionals who will advise you in a number of ways.

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