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Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples

Email Marketing is a cost-effective and easy way to engage with your audience, but it is for precisely these reasons that so many firms get it wrong. It’s easy to take email for granted and assume that a quickly put together message will drive sales - that’s simply not the case.

A report by Radicati suggested that the average person receives 88 business emails a day, which is a lot of noise to cut through if you want to get your message across. Understanding how to cut through that noise is a big reason that so many businesses opt for professional help from agencies.

If you’re interested in improving your marketing, then our email marketing tips page could be a real help. For those who have never marketed before or who have not had much success, then using professional services can be a real asset.

Thankfully, there are some great examples of email best practice out there which we can draw on to help us write more engaging and profitable B2C and B2B email marketing campaigns. If you’re interested in seeing some examples, then keep reading, if you’d like to compare agency quotes and services to create your own, then just complete the form at the top of this form.

Comparing Good Email Marketing Examples

Broadly speaking, email campaigns fall into one of three categories and the strategy that works for one may not necessarily work for another. The three forms of email marketing examples that we’re going to be looking at include:

  1. Lead Nurturing emails
  2. Transactional Emails
  3. Informational Emails

Lead Nurturing Emails

As the name suggests, these emails are designed to turn prospective customers into buyers. Where you get their details from is very important as to the message you give them. People signing up via your website should receive a different message from those brought in through a bought or rented email database. However, there are some common traits that email marketers can capitalise on.

Ryan Deiss Email Marketing

Ryan Deiss Email Marketing Example

People are curious and want to know things. The same kind of click-bait content that’s boosted news sites around the world can also be employed in your email. The subject line of this email from Ryan Deiss just makes you want to open it because it’s offering some easily accessible information with a little bit of sensationalism to sell it.

There’s nothing more to be said about this great email marketing subject line example.

Tony Robbins Email Marketing Example

Tony Robbins Email Marketing Example

People want to know what’s in it for them and what they’re going to get out of an email. A new CEO might be interesting to you and your investors, but it won’t be to your audience. Give them a reason to engage.

Sharing insight and knowledge is one way to do that.

Transactional Emails

These come in many different shapes and forms but they are driven by a customer’s interaction with your firm. It could be that they registered on your site so they’ll get a Welcome Email. Or they left their cart at the checkout, driving an Abandon Cart one; whatever the reason, here are a couple of golden rules.

Craghopper Email Marketing Example

Craghopper Email Marketing Example

Make it personal to them, as shown in this Craghopper Abandon Cart email. It clearly shows what they left behind and it makes it easy for the customer to go back in and complete the order.

1 in 10 people who received this email went back in and made the purchase, delivering a ROI of 711%

Virgin America Email Marketing Example

Virgin America Email Marketing Example

Know your audience and speak their language. This doesn’t just refer to personalising the email to say “Dear John” – that should be done as a matter of course, but it’s about writing in a style and tone that your audience can relate to. This example from Virgin America epitomises their entire brand in the language it uses.

Knowing your audience and speaking their language can also be a benefit for future campaigning - if you are able to adopt a style or tone of voice that matches your clients and that they respond to, you are better able to communicate with them later on and across a range of platforms. Additionally, people are more likely to remember, and trust, a brand that they recognise and trust from previous communications.

Informational Emails

The launch of a new product. Announcing changes in the way you do business. Wishing your customers season greetings. There are 101 reasons why you might want to talk to your audience. It’s likely your informational email will be unprompted and as your client won’t be expecting it, you need your emails to convey the message in an engaging way.

Canva Email Marketing Example

Canva Email Marketing Example

Use great design. Canva’s email about new layouts may not be an exciting topic, but the email template they use quickly gets to the point and has links through to the new designs. Simplicity is the key here as it conveys the important messages succinctly and without any fuss.

This is especially useful, as mentioned, in campaigns where the information presented is not the most interesting. As shown here , when it's done properly, even the more tedious content can be crafted to draw your recipients attention.

Sticher Email Marketing Example

Stitcher Email Marketing Example

Use different media to get your message across. Would you read a long passage of prose about how a city is run? Probably not. But would you watch a video from the mayor explaining how he runs his city? Possibly. Stitcher, the podcast and radio app, only uses video in its emails to great effect.

Note the large buttons to make viewing on mobile easier, and how it gives the reader options to share, listen or watch.

Compare Email Marketing Agencies

Now you’ve seen the ways that the best email marketing campaigns work to communicate with customers you might be ready to try it for yourself. Whether you’re an experienced market or someone new to it, we’re sure that comparing quotes will be useful.

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