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Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Ecommerce Email Marketing

Email Marketing, in line with the rise of ecommerce websites, now accounts for a significant portion of the communication that occurs between businesses and consumers, with modern technology allowing for instant contact between sellers and buyers. In fact, email marketing now accounts for over 7% of all ecommerce transactions, making it second only to search and marking it out as a powerful channel for modern and future marketing and selling opportunities.

Although many would consider email to be old news - having been around for over two decades - there have been changes in technology and software in recent years that have allowed businesses to segment and personalise communications using email databases, information and techniques that were unavailable previously.

These advancements mark ecommerce email marketing as amongst the most important advertising tools for companies looking to improve their sales, whilst also enabling customers to keep better track of the businesses and brands that they love.

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Email Marketing to Ecommerce Customers

Ecommerce allows businesses to communicate and interact with their customers in ways that they have not been able to in the past. Whether you are conducting B2C or B2B email marketing, you are sure to benefit, with countless factors and strategies leading to success across a number of industries and sectors.

There a number of benefits that come with using email marketing, including:

  • Selling. Sell to your ecommerce customers based on their past behaviour and purchases.
  • Cart Abandonment. Bring back those customers who nearly bought, but didn’t. A personalised, targeted email based on the items someone nearly bought has proven to be very effective for a number of businesses and industries.
  • Reward loyalty. Although you’re a business and you want to make money, it’s also worth rewarding and recognising those customers who stay with you. A few personalised emails to repeat customers with special offers and discounts can help to build your brand, whilst also making the customer feel valued.
  • Bring back dormant ecommerce customers. Sometimes you’ll lose customers. In some cases you can win them back with email marketing. It might just mean that they need a reminder to return to your website and find the right deal.
  • Prepare for the seasons. For some industries like fashion, seasons bring new trends and sales opportunities. Email marketing gives businesses the chance to approach ecommerce customers with deals and offers for the coming months.
  • Build your brand. Marketing is not all about selling, and good emails can help you to to build trust and generate loyal customers over time. Grow your relationships with the right campaigns and you’re sure to reap the benefits before long.

If you’re interested in any of the points above then visit our email marketing examples or our email marketing tips pages for more ideas to improve your campaign strategy.

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Email Marketing, Ecommerce and Your Business

The way that you conduct your ecommerce email marketing will depend on the business or industry you operate in. A high street retailer is unlikely to work in the same way as a B2B services provider, for example, and so it’s important that you tailor your campaigns to your own business.

Of course, as someone working in your industry you are likely to be an expert in the products or services you are marketing, but it’s still important that you consider what might work for you. Employing email marketing agencies to help you oversee the various stages of your campaign may not have occurred to some business owners or staff previously, but it can be an excellent opportunity for companies to boost sales as well as brand awareness with the help of individuals or groups with expert experience in doing so.

For most industries, a little research will help you to assess what kind of needs your company has; it may be that, for you, a specific type of email or tone of voice will prove especially effective, or it could be that adopting a number of approaches is going to be the way route to success. In any case, ensure that you proceed as carefully as possible - it is possible to damage your company or marketing efforts with bad campaigns, with emails heading straight for Spam Folders without having any chance of being read. If you have experience of this happening frequently in the past, then it’s a safe bet that you have made a few mistakes in your email marketing execution.

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