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Email List Rental

Email List Rental

Email List Rental is a viable option for businesses who want to begin marketing their products or services. For companies that do not have their own data, renting from a broker can be an excellent way to get underway. If you would like to know more about this process, just continue reading. If you'd prefer to start comparing providers and quotes for free and without obligation, just fill in the form above.

What is Email List Rental?

Email Marketing is a rapidly growing form of digital communication that can help you reach out to new audiences, generate sales leads and increase brand awareness. Email list rental companies collect email data from businesses and individuals via a variety of sources and use various means to categorise it to provide the most targeted, accurate and valuable lists for your campaign.

Approved Index’s directory of email list rental companies contains only companies that provide opt-in data where the recipient has given permission for third parties to contact them with news and offers.

Email List Rental Options

There is a wealth of choice when it comes to choosing an email list to rent for your campaign.

  • Targeting. Business marketers can select company type, size, job role, location and a number of other factors to make their B2B email list as relevant as possible. Consumer marketers can choose lists based on location, age, sex, purchasing behaviour and more in order to ensure they hit their B2C objectives.
  • Fulfilment. Sending emails to consumers usually involves sending them via the list provider in order to comply with regulations, but business marketers have the choice of sending out the emails themselves or using an email marketing company to manage the campaign.
  • Rent or Purchase. Email lists can be rented for a one-off campaign, or for several campaigns over a set period of time. Business lists can be purchased for indefinite use.

If you are interested in planning a budget that includes renting an email list, then you may want to visit our prices page to consider the cost of an email marketing campaign.

Email List Rental Considerations

The best email lists will have been collected in an open, transparent way where the prospect was given an easy way to opt-out of receiving marketing material both at the time of giving up their email address and subsequently. The email lists will then also have been checked regularly for accuracy and permission. This reduces the chances of recipients reporting the email as spam and getting you or your email marketing company in trouble with ISPs. List providers offering hundreds of thousands of emails for only a couple of hundred pounds should be regarded with suspicion.

Response rates vary depending on the quality of the data and the quality of your email. Make sure you set up tracking of your responses and conversions via an email analytics tool or get your email marketing company to do this for you.

We recommend A/B testing your emails to maximise your conversion rates. This involves sending out two different versions of the email to a sample of the list in order to find out which one drives most conversions.

Email List Rental Prices

Approved Index provides a fast and free method of comparing prices from several leading email list suppliers. Communicating with as many suppliers as possible is the best way to ensure you’re getting the best quality lists at the best possible price.

Just fill out the form at the top of this page to get up to 4 free quotes for email list rental today.

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