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Targeted Email Lists

Targeted Email Lists

Targeted email lists are important for any marketer looking to succeed in their campaigns. Using data and email marketing best practice to make sure that your emails reach the right person is the best way to ensure a quality profit margin. If you are interested in finding out more, continue reading. If you would like free, no-obligation quotes from top UK list suppliers then simply fill out the form above.

What is Targeted Email Marketing?

Many email list brokers specialise in what are known as ‘targeted lists’. These allow you to select from fields of information in order to create detailed demographic and lifestyle filters to match the characteristics of your client base.

By targeting a specific subset of email addresses, you can use focused marketing strategies designed to appeal more directly to those people receiving your advertising material. While this list may not be as lengthy as one with fewer specifications, it will feature the businesses emails or consumers that match up best with the type of customer you want to reach.

It is important to bear in mind though that there is a limit on how refined the data can be. Data specific to your industry niche, for example, is not always likely to exist unless you have spent the time and money to create it personally. If it does exist and you are looking to buy or rent this specific data from a supplier, it is likely to be expensive.

Targeted email marketing is an effective means of customer communication when it is conducted properly. Research and strategy are vital to making the most of it and if you are new to advertising your services, then working with external agencies may be the best way for you to get the most out of your data and your material.

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Benefits of Targeted Email Marketing

If you are looking for data that is specific to your business, what you really want are 'leads'. Email data can be used within a targeted campaign to ultimately generate leads, but they are far from one and the same thing. Purchasing a handful of incredibly expensive email addresses does not guarantee that each and every one of them will convert – and one poor experience can damage your long term lead generation attempts.

You can do segmentation to ensure that you send relevant content to the right people. For instance, if you have a promotion on women’s products, you can send your email only to your female customers. Although this does not absolutely guarantee a conversion, it does significantly increase your chances, whilst also going a long way to build brand awareness within suitable demographics.

Targeted email lists allow a company to begin an marketing campaign by providing a number of addresses for people who have opted in to receive promotional messages about a particular product or service. The business can then send marketing messages to these addresses, ensuring that the money you spend goes toward marketing to customers with a legitimate interest in your business. Not only does this cut out extraneous costs that can occur in other forms of advertising, but it also ensures that the people who are interested are getting the information they want.

Using targeted, up to date email lists ensures that your message is being presented only to those who may have an interest in your products and services, reducing the chance of your emails being overlooked or discarded.

Targeted email marketing does not guarantee sales, but it does offer you the highest possibility of success in your campaigns.

Purchase a Targeted Email List

Targeted email lists can be obtained from companies who have collected the details of consumers who have opted in. These can be arranged by geographic location, areas of interest or other factors to ensure that the campaign is targeted at the people most likely to respond.

It is important to ensure that target email lists are bought from a reputable vendor which operates a strict ‘no spam’ policy - sending thousands of unsolicited emails can also have legal implications and so Approved Index works only with vetted providers who conform to industry best practices.

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