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Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Tips

If you're looking for tips and ideas for your email marketing then this page may be helpful. If you want to find experts to provide the services you need, then simply complete the form above to receive free, no-obligation quotes from top UK agencies.

Email Marketing Tips and Ideas

Effective email marketing relies on a number of factors. From using the right Database to putting together well written copy and well designed email templates, successful marketing is achieved through time, effort and planning.

The best email examples will be those that receive proper planning. Here are some tips and ideas that can help both experienced marketers and those new to the process:

  • Maintain contact. Once you have a visitor’s email address, contact them periodically. By sending details about relevant products and services you can start to build a relationship with your target market and they can get to know your brand better. This can especially be the case in ecommerce email marketing, where strong brand is vital.
  • Avoid the Spam Folder. If the email you’re sending looks spammy to you, then it’s not going to look good to anyone else either. Avoid presentation styles and phrases like ‘Click Here!’, which many regular users have learnt to distrust. For tips on how to write the best marketing email, skip ahead to the next section of this page.
  • Think mobile. With smartphones becoming more and more popular, it’s no surprise that more and more people are reading their emails on them. A recent study revealed that 44% of Europeans delete emails which are not optimised for their phone. Failing to optimise could have a significantly negative impact on your campaign based on this figure alone.
  • Success. Establish what you want to achieve before you start sending emails. If you don’t know what you’re aiming for, then it will be difficult to judge how well your strategy has worked. Definite objectives allow you to analyse the success of your campaign, whilst also providing benchmarks for you to build on over time.
  • Response handling. Just imagine that someone follows the link on your email only to find that the page they arrive on is not fit for purpose. Many email campaigns have fallen flat simply because marketers have stopped thinking about what happens after they’ve pressed send. If the email sends the recipient to your website, make sure they arrive in the right place, if the email gives them a phone number, make sure there’s someone there to answer it.

Email Marketing service costs tend to be relatively low compared to the profit that can be gained when advertisers follow the tips and suggestions on this page when planning their campaigns.

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How to Write a Marketing Email

A lot of amatuer email marketers write their content and design their templates without much thought - this is a guaranteed road to failure. Planning, drafting and editing is vital to the success of your email strategy, so don’t take shortcuts.

Marketing Email Copywriting

The ability to write good, clear, readable copy in the tone of voice most appropriate to your product and brand is essential. Nothing turns people off more than opening an email to find blocks of badly written copy. Look at previous campaigns to see what has and hasn’t worked and if you know that you have not got the skills to complete your email content to satisfaction, employ an email marketing company to help.

It’s also important to think about how you want to respond to your recipient. Use their name rather than opting for the generic ‘Dear Sir/Madam’. This can make a huge difference to success rates.

You should also test subject lines. This is the first thing that your recipient will notice - it doesn’t matter if you have the best content and design in the world if they delete the email straight away just because you used too many exclamation marks and capital letters.

Email Design

The look of your email is just as important as the content. If it looks ugly, it will turn people away - likewise, if the design presents the content in a manner that’s difficult to read, people are less able to respond to it.

Your emails should be easy on the eye and structured so that your recipients can easily navigate them, whether they’re on a desktop or a mobile device. Links to your website or phone numbers to call should be clearly displayed. Design is something that most email marketing companies will help with, so if you don’t feel confident in your own ability it’s definitely worth employing their services.

Branding is a big part of your email design. Your company’s logo should be present and if there’s a colour scheme or font style that you employ on your website then it should be present in your emails too.

It might not seem as important as some other factors, but not considering the points above is an excellent way to limit your email marketing success. For those who are new to the process, employing external help is likely to be a real help. Approved Index can help here.

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Email Marketing Best Practices

Email Marketing best practices do not just help you to sell products and raise brand awareness, but they also help you to stay within the law. Following best practice might mean using external companies, and it might just mean following some of the guidelines listed below.

So, before embarking on your email marketing venture prepare yourself for any pitfalls. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

  • Legal. Ensure that your emails clearly identify who you are, and give the recipient the opportunity to opt out at every point of communication. Make sure your email is sent to recipients who want to hear about what you’re offering, not only does this protect you from ‘Spam Mailer’ labels, but it also helps you to streamline your budget.
  • Track. Keep up to date records of your opt-in email lists, including when they opted in and how they did it. Audit your communications to identify every single touch point with your customers and prospects.
  • Spam. The average user receives more than 300 emails a week, 62% of which are spam. Remind subscribers to include you in their ‘safe senders’ list to avoid falling off the radar. Also, make sure that any email marketing software or service provider you deal with uses best practices too.
  • Professionals. However much experience you have, and whether you’re focussed on B2C or B2B, speak to professional data providers to gain insight.

Email Marketing is a low-cost form of advertising which can deliver great results when used correctly. Using properly targeted email lists and the best practices and tips listed above is one way to get started, although we would also advise employing the services of professional agencies to really ensure your success.

However you wish to proceed though, make sure that you do so responsibly. Falling into ‘spam folders’ is not likely to aid your sales or brand image. Following email marketing best practices is vital.

Email Marketing Company and Service Quotes

This page is designed to assist both amatuer and professional email marketers - our tips are means tested and by following them you should be able to conduct successful marketing campaigns. If you are interested in getting help from the experts, Approved Index can help.

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