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EPOS Systems for Restaurants and Bars

Best EPOS Systems for Restaurants and Bars

Everything in this day and age is fast-paced. The restaurant and bar business is no exception. Customers want to be served as quickly and as efficiently as possible. And if you have a full house, that could be a huge problem. That’s exactly when electronic point-of-sale or EPOS systems come in very handy.

EPOS systems are time-efficient, powerful tools for obtaining sales data and stock information, issuing receipts and securing business transactions. A good EPOS system can certainly benefit your business. So if you’re looking to buy the best EPOS system out there, this article can help you find the system that best fits your requirements and your budget.

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Bar and Restaurant EPOS Systems

EPOS system prices can be daunting but no one can deny the unparalleled and complete control that the system brings to your business. Not only do these systems enhance security, they also help you smoothly run your business. Modern EPOS systems come with fashionable touchscreen designs and excellent solutions that can be customised to fit your specific needs for a reasonable price.

EPOS system solutions can be cloud or non-cloud based. Cloud-based solutions are directly connected to the Internet for e-commerce site integration. With a cloud-based EPOS system, you can easily update your website with ongoing promotions and events. Taking orders through your website will be a breeze and time-efficient, too.

The best type of EPOS system for a restaurant or bar is the embedded one. This sophisticated system is well-suited to high-volume operations that require quick service. It’s designed to be connected to a standard PC-based network. It is available with a touchscreen or a screen and an operator keyboard. Modern embedded EPOS systems are cloud-based or can connect to your website for real-time e-commerce business transactions. They provide basic features such as data storage and complete stock control and report provision.

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Bar and Restaurant EPOS Options

Here are a few of the best EPOS systems for restaurants and bars:

  • Casio VR 100 EPOS Till System with application software that costs £889 This is a revolutionary EPOS cash register that has a reliable hardware platform supported by a range of software applications. It offers smart security, mobility, detailed reporting and cloud-based storage and backup.
  • iPad Till EPOS System that costs as low as £689. iPads are very convenient when you have a full house. That’s why large and top-ranking restaurants and bars use this EPOS system. These are mainly for taking large order numbers. They securely store customer data and transactions, provide better stock control and enable efficient reporting, letting you keep good control over your business.
  • Dell Restaurant Touchscreen EPOS System comes with a card swiper, a till and printers for only £1,000. It provides a quick and easy way to manage a complete business accounting system. It has provisions for all payment methods. Besides basic data storage, it also allows fast and efficient customer transactions. You can even easily and quickly print out receipts when the need arises.

Compare Bar and Restaurant EPOS System Options

As a business owner or manager you know exactly how important smooth payment options are. Having a payment system that allows your customers to pay quickly and easily is an incredible asset for any business, not only bars and restaurants.

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