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EPOS System Prices

EPOS Systems Prices

EPOS systems can boost your revenue by improving the speed and efficiency of customer transactions. Better customer service leads to higher customer retention rates. They can also help you eliminate inefficiencies in the day to day running of your business and provide detailed sales data to improve the quality of business decision making.

But an EPOS system must provide a return on investment. Choosing the right system at the right price is therefore critical. This guide to EPOS system prices is aimed at the business owner looking for their first system.

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PC EPOS System Prices

There are several components to an EPOS system including software, scanners, keyboard, cash drawer and touch screen monitor. You can opt to purchase these separately, or buy an integrated system with these items. When purchasing an EPOS system, you may be offered training for staff, onsite installation and setup, telephone support and onsite hardware maintenance. There may be an initial set up fee, which is priced at around £40 per terminal. As a rough guide, a stand-alone EPOS system can cost from £1,000 to £5,000

To upgrade your existing computer into an EPOS System, you can buy an upgrade pack with Actinic EPOS Solo software, receipt printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner and pole display for £899. This price is also inclusive of 30 days' free telephone support. Alternatively, you can upgrade your existing computer to run EPOS applications for around £350. You may need to purchase additional hardware such as printer, magnetic card reader, POS keyboard, keylock, operator monitor, cash drawer and customer display.

For inexperienced users, you can buy an entry-level PC-based system package for around £1,599. The advantage of such a system is that the software and hardware are pre-configured, so all you will need to do is plug it in. A software package linking EPOS to your accounting system can cost up to £500 for each terminal that is linked. In addition to this, you will need software for the back office PC. A customised EPOS solution that is integrated by specialists into your existing hardware, software and website can cost over £10,000 and is a viable option for larger companies or outlets.

Actinic EPOSEntry-level£899
Custom EPOSAdvanced£10,000

The information in the table above does not include much detail - for more information and insight into which system will best suit your business, simply complete the form at the top of this page.

EPOS Terminal Prices

Your EPOS terminal is one of the most important parts of the system - from it, you are able to track prices and manage your transactions. Ensuring that your terminal will work effectively is therefore vitally important. The range of options mentioned on this page might be more or less suitable to your system, depending on your requirements. Take a look at the information below to see which option will work best, but for the most accurate information, you should complete the form at the top of this page.

EPOS terminals cost between £900 and £1,400. There is the J2 580 EPOS Terminal which costs £899.99, the J2 520ex Epos Terminal at £915.00, the RealPOS 21 EPOS Terminal at £1074.99, the Glancetron EPOS Teminal K400 at £999.99, the 4POS Evo 700 EPOS Terminal at £899.99, the Jarltech 882 EPOS Terminal at £899.99 and the Posiflex KS-6215Z terminal at £1,009. The data collection terminal Piccolink RF601 is priced at around £1,399. At the higher end of the price scale is the Epson IR-700 integrated register which is priced at around £2,750.

J2 580 EPOS Terminal
  • Integrated MSR
  • Integrated VFD Customer display
  • Spacepole Printer Tray and Arm
J2 520ex Epos Terminal
  • 12.1" TFT Active Matrix LCD
  • Sealed Resistive Membrance
  • Internal Hard Drive 20Gb 3.5" IDE
RealPOS 21 EPOS Terminal
  • 1.5 GHz processor
  • 15" Resistive Touchscreen
  • Windows XP Embedded
Glancetron EPOS Teminal K400
  • Touchscreen POS system for retail and hospitality
  • 2,8 GHz Pentium4 Processor
  • 1GB RAM" IDE
4POS Evo 700 EPOS Terminal
  • 15" Touchscreen
  • Swipe card and button key readers
  • Fanless and quiet
Jarltech 882 EPOS Terminal
  • 15" Touchscreen
  • Sealed Resistive Membrance
  • Internal Hard Drive
Posiflex KS-6215Z Terminal
  • Microsoft® WEPOS® Operating System
  • CR Port for optional cash drawer
Piccolink RF601
  • 22 Sillicon Rubber keys
  • Developed for a host environment
  • Radio network for data transmission
Epson IR-700
  • Touch-screen display
  • Customer facing price display
  • Compatible with printer and cashtill

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EPOS System Peripheral Prices

Barcode scanners include the Voyager which can be found for £199, the Metrologic MS3580 Quantum T is priced at £299 and the MS7120 is £399. The Jarltech 8040 cash drawer is priced at around £69.99, the Jarltech 8045 manual cash drawer is approximately £85.50, or you can find a medium standard cash drawer for around £129. A keyboard and mouse pack can cost around £15.00. Receipt printers such as the Epson TM-T88iv printer can be found for £299.

Costs for chip and pin machines vary depending on the number of transactions that will be made. You can choose to pay per month for each terminal and prices for this are between £19.50 for 1250 transactions and £24.50 for 2500 transactions. Handheld computers can be used for stock taking, booking products and editing prices. The Samsung Q1 handheld computer is priced at around £1,399. Data entered into the handheld computer immediately updates the central EPOS database.

Software Prices

In terms of EPOS software, prices will vary depending on the size of the network. For a smaller-scale business, there is the Actinic EPOS Solo which is suitable for a single till and has security features, stock control and reporting. This is priced at around £499. For premises with multiple tills that need to be connected through a network, there is the Actinic EPOS Network. Priced at around £899, this software has back office functions that allow you to administrate stock and customer information, along with performing stock control, purchase ordering and reporting. It also has the Ecommerce EPOS Link to Actinic Business.

For £1,999 you can purchase the Actinic EPOS Head Office, which is suited to retail businesses with multiple stores. This allows you to synchronise product, pricing and barcode information from a single point, along with reporting and stock control functions. It also includes the Ecommerce EPOS Link to Actinic Business. For each location you will need to purchase an Actinic EPOS Network licence which is around £499, and for each till you add to the network, you will need to buy an additional licence.

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EPOS System Rental Prices

In terms of lease, rental or purchase finance agreements, you can find a hospitality system from around £15 per week, or a retail stock control system from only £20 per week.

Small Business EPOS System Prices

The cost of EPOS systems can prove to be a hindrance for some retail businesses, especially smaller ones. Since small businesses operate on a limited margin, spending a considerable sum of money on an EPOS system doesn’t appear to be a feasible option for them. However, they can always go for a cheaper EPOS system instead of buying a top of the line model.

You can generally purchase an EPOS system for less than £900. However, keep in mind that the cheaper the system is, the more limited its features will be. If you want to purchase a high quality EPOS system without having to settle for less, you have to be prepared to spend at least around £1,500. Considering the fact that EPOS systems are a one-time purchase and their running costs are low, even a small retail business can afford to purchase one.

Small Business EPOS System Features

Typically, a small business EPOS system will include the following:

  • A checkout terminal that records the sale - Most modern systems have a touchscreen interface that makes the process simpler though you can still opt for a conventional terminal. The price of a system with a touchscreen interface will be higher.
  • Till software and a cash drawer that comes equipped with a PIN code - You can use a key to lock the till to keep the cash safe. The cash drawer is connected to the system that activates it automatically when you process a transaction.
  • A barcode scanner that enables you to scan the barcodes on the products - Modern systems also include QR code scanners should your business stock products that have QR codes printed on them.
  • A receipt printer - This is another standard feature of EPOS systems. The receipt is an evidence of the transaction made and you have to provide a copy to the customer as well. Generally, a thermal printer is installed in the system.
  • An operating system - Windows or Mac, the operating system should be compatible with the other devices your business uses.

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The information on this page has been designed to provide business owners with a quality insight into the sorts of EPOS system that they might want to install. The options have been divided in a number of ways, but may not include all of the information you need.

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