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EPOS Systems with Barcode Scanners

EPOS Systems with Barcode Scanners

An Electronic Point of Sale System is a combination of hardware and software. It operates with a till, a barcode, a software application and a touchscreen or conventional monitor. This system is used by various businesses such as restaurants, bars and shops for stock control, quick service and good retail hospitality management.

EPOS systems can either be bought with or without integrated parts. For shop retailers where scanning barcodes is necessary, having an EPOS system with a barcode scanner is a must. A barcode scanner is a fast and accurate way of reading and logging the price of a product and enables a retailer to give fast and competent customer service.

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What Is a Barcode Scanner?

A typical barcode scanner kit is composed of a scanner, a decoder, and a cable that connects the decoder into the EPOS system. You could buy these separately or purchase a scanner with a built-in decoder. The scanner captures the information in the barcode of a product and sends it to the decoder which then transforms the information into data that the EPOS software can process.

Types of Barcode Scanners

There are different types of barcode scanners available for your EPOS system. These are especially made to match various EPOS system applications.

  • Pen or wand barcode scanner
    This type of scanner is the simplest and least expensive. It is durable and human powered, which means the user needs to find the right angle and move at the right speed. The wand scanner requires close contact with the barcode. One disadvantage of using this scanner is that the barcode may get smeared and become unreadable when repeated scanning is applied.
    This type of scanner can cost you anywhere between £20 and £120.
  • CCD barcode scanners
    A CCD (charge-coupled device) barcode scanner can read barcodes easily and quickly, which makes it highly popular among retail shops. However it does have limitations.
    First, it can only scan barcodes at a distance of 1 to 3 inches. Second, it cannot read barcodes that are wider than its own scanning surface.
    A CCD scanner can cost between £25 and £150.
  • Laser barcode scanner
    This is the most popular type of scanner, which is not surprising given its ability to scan barcodes from a distance of 6 to 24 inches (for standard scanners) or from 2 to 8 feet away (for longrange ones).
    Laser barcode scanners come in a wide variety of models, and can cost from £20 to £300.
  • Wireless or cordless barcode scanner
    A wireless scanner is ideal for warehouse use. It is also perfect for scanning heavy, oversized and bulk products that are difficult to place on the counter.
  • Hands-free or fixed mount barcode scanner
    This type of barcode scanner is what you usually see in convenience stores and other high volume retail stores. This scanner is anchored so that the user can scan barcodes while leaving their hands free to handle the products. It is convenient and highly reliable with minimal staff effort required.
    A fixed mount scanner can cost between £150 and £400.
  • Wearable barcode scanner
    This type of scanner is worn as a ring around one or two fingers and is activated by pointing the finger at the barcode while pressing the thumb against the trigger or simply by pointing the scanner at the barcode.
    This type of scanner costs between £300 and £720.

The type of barcode scanner you choose will depend on the kind of items you need to scan, the type of business you have and the budget you have for your EPOS system. If you have an existing EPOS system, you can buy the barcode scanner separately. Make sure to buy one that is compatible with your EPOS software.

If you don’t have an EPOS system yet, you can definitely choose from a wide range of systems that come fully equipped with barcode scanners. Again, your choice will depend on your business and products, as well as your budget. An EPOS system with a barcode scanner will cost from around £1,000.

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