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Lightspeed EPOS Review

Lightspeed EPOS

A world leader in the EPOS industry, Lightspeed has over 34,000 clients in more than 100 countries across the globe. With cutting edge technologies, such as cloud systems and the latest security measures, they are not only one of the largest EPOS providers, they are also one of the most highly regarded.

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Products and Services

Lightspeed specialise in intuitive, robust and cutting edge EPOS systems, as well as professional E-Commerce solutions for all sizes of business. Each package can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the sector and businesses therein. There are three main areas of products and services that they specialise in:

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • E-Commerce


Lightspeed have designed an EPOS system that is perfectly tailored to suit the needs of the restaurant industry. While most hospitality industries, such as bars and nightclubs, can utilise the properties of a well-designed EPOS system to great advantage, it is in the restaurant sector that it truly comes into its own.

Ease of use and efficiency are inherent in the design and the revolutionary simplicity of managing table set ups, allocating seating and processing real time information, allows for the greatest possible efficiency.

As with most modern hospitality EPOS systems, bill splitting and merging is easily processed to the customer’s convenience. Receipt printing can be accessed at desktop terminals and portable devices alike, each highly customisable and allowing for language translation and lay out flexibility.

Another huge advantage to using an in depth and well-designed EPOS system is the ability to oversee customer habits and adjust the menu accordingly. This allows a restaurant to see which meals sell best at specific times of the day, week and year. Lightspeed software allows for in depth information to be easily overseen and acted upon.


Although the technology and aim are essentially the same, much of the retail EPOS design is vastly different from the hospitality system. Customisation is key to the competence of the Lightspeed EPOS system and with loyalty reward schemes, marketing and specified promotional offers (also available to implement through their customisable receipt printing), the opportunities to expand a retailer’s customer base makes this flexibility even more important.

Each transaction is made much more efficient, allowing for a happier customer experience and the opportunity to increase profits during particularly busy periods. With the implementation and growing use of contactless payments, Lightspeed have also managed to conceive both the hardware and software to cope with the ever changing nature of electronic payments.


Another important feature is the in depth capabilities of its inventory system. This can allow a business to re-invest in the correct stock in a timely manner, save hours of manpower by enabling a simplified overview of relevant data and even synchronise the entire system to their needs. The enormous scope of the program, along with its ease of use, makes it suitable for small and large businesses alike.

iPad compatibility, cloud systems and a flexibility that allows the Lightspeed EPOS system to be integrated easily into any existing system, means it is a highly regarded package for all shapes and sizes of retail business.


The retail sector is probably the most effective area of business since the introduction of the Internet in the 1990’s. Most businesses could not survive without some online presence nowadays and having an online transaction capability is essential. This can be a problem if the business itself is not particularly tech-savvy, however.

High quality designed templates that are simple to use for even a beginner are therefore vital, as is the ability to customise the platform as the business grows. Lightspeed E-Commerce packages include the ability to translate the page into 14 languages, applications and add-ons, review platforms and template alternatives.

This allows a business to sell to new markets across the country and the globe that would otherwise be unavailable, increasing profits and the business’s profile.


Lightspeed are one of the most affordable high-end mass providers of EPOS and E-Commerce systems in the UK and, unlike many of their contemporaries, prices are transparent and easy to understand.

Restaurant EPOS systems begin at £42 per month, with a minimum contract of 14 months as standard. The average restaurant can expect to pay around £85 per month, while large businesses will pay as much as £153 for the most complex systems.

Retail systems tend to be a little more complex and customisable. Small shops with a single till and a handful of employees can pay as little as £59 per month, also with a minimum 14 month contract. Medium sized businesses will typically incur an £85 per month charge and the largest shops, those that employ as many as 20 employees and use upwards of four registers, can pay as much as £145 per month. Additional employees in each package will incur another £7 charge per person.

Like the EPOS pricing plan, there are three options to choose from regarding E-Commerce. The basic plan, which does not include API access or the template editor, starts at as little as £39. The Advanced Plan, which is recommended for companies with more complex and flexible requirements, costs £69 per month and the full Professional Plan is £129.

All Lightspeed’s products and services are available to try for free for up to two weeks.

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