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Used EPOS Systems

Used EPOS Systems Pros and Cons

Electronic point-of-sale or EPOS systems are computerised systems used by retail establishments for a faster and more efficient way of dealing with customers and their business. One main function of EPOS systems is for issuing receipts. They also aid in storing customer and stock information, printing vouchers, and sending transaction information to both providers and suppliers. EPOS system prices vary, depending on how modern they are, their specifications, their quantity and whether they are new or used. If your main concern is affordability, then you should be more interested in used EPOS systems.

Used EPOS systems can benefit large and small retail businesses alike. But like any other technology-based product, they are not perfect. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of buying used EPOS systems.

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Used EPOS System Benefits

Buying used EPOS systems is a more economical way to get the equipment you need without compromising the return on investment or ROI they bring.

  • Used EPOS systems are less expensive.
    If you do not want to spend a lot for quality products, try purchasing used EPOS systems. A new EPOS system costs between £1,000 and £3,000. The good news is that you can easily purchase a used system from various auction sites for as low as £300.
  • Used EPOS systems are usually refurbished.
    Some used systems are a bit older than three years but they have usually been refurbished with new software or any other wornout parts. They have been carefully checked for parts that need replacement, rebuilt, fully cleaned and repainted. They will not look nor work like second-hand systems.
  • Used EPOS systems come with great warranties.
    Used EPOS systems usually come with 3–5 years of warranty, which includes maintenance and repair services. New EPOS systems, meanwhile, only come with a year of warranty at the most; maintenance and repairs are also your sole responsibility.

If you want consider or prepare for the costs that are involved in owning or operating an EPOS system, simply visit our prices page.

Cons of Buying Used EPOS Systems

Though used EPOS systems cost less than new ones, they can still be plagued by issues that come with owning pre-owned products. Buyers are getting wiser and no one wants to spend precious cash on worthless products. That is why carefully checking an item out prior to purchasing is of utmost importance, especially when buying used products.

  • Used EPOS systems are not the most technologically advanced.
    In today’s fast-paced world, new trends and technologies come out rapidly. You should thus not expect used systems to be as advanced as new ones. Most used EPOS systems have after all been traded off for newer ones. New ones offer a whole lot of new and more helpful and efficient business applications.
  • Used EPOS systems may come with questionable warranties.
    Longer warranty periods and offers can mean that used EPOS systems may not be at par in terms of quality with new ones. Longer warranties leave the impression that used systems are of substandard quality. Free maintenance and repair services may also suggest that you will probably and frequently deal with system malfunctions.
  • Used EPOS systems have upgrade limitations.
    New EPOS systems can be upgraded with the latest software and applications. But most used systems cannot be upgraded with the latest ones. You may, therefore, not be able to maximise the benefits using an EPOS system.

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