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    Review: The DM50 Franking Machine

    The DM50 franking machine from Pitney Bowes is an entry-level device aimed at fulfilling the needs of small businesses. It is one of the most popular franking machines on the British market today. With an effective, uncluttered design and a range of top-notch features, the DM50 is a reliable and efficient machine.

    Let’s take a look at its most prominent aspects to give you an idea of what this franking machine has to offer.


    The standout feature of Pitney Bowes’ DM50 is the ease of use it offers. You don’t have to be a franking expert to operate this piece of machinery. Being an entry-level machine, it lives up to the billing with its clear-cut design, making it possible for a new franking machine user to operate it without any hassle. The digital display in particular makes things easy for users. In addition, there is an integrated weight machine which enables the machine to calculate the postage you have to pay on each package you send.


    You can frank 30 items a day using the DM50. The capacity is clearly geared towards small businesses that don’t have to send too many letters and packages during the course of a day. Therefore, large companies may be better off with another model if they generally send huge volumes of mail. Regardless, keeping in mind its capacity and features, the DM50 is a great choice for any business that wants to acquire a franking machine but has no experience of using one.

    Security Features

    You can restrict the use of the franking machine using the PIN protection feature. Set a password and only you will have access to the machine. This can help prevent wastage and unauthorised usage.

    Adding Logos and Slogans

    You can add your company’s logos and slogans to the packages and letters that you frank in the DM50. The emblem becomes a part of the franking stamp, making it clear to the recipient that it is your businesses that has sent that mail. This enables businesses to personalise the mail they send to clients and suppliers. Moreover, it can help with marketing your business. Logos and slogans appeal to people and help them remember your brand. This can lead to considerable savings on marketing and promotion costs.


    You have to pay around £1,000 to buy a brand-new DM50 franking machine. If this number falls outside your budget, you can consider renting the franking machine. You can easily get it for lower than £30 a month. The ink cartridge costs less than £20. The same goes for a box of 1,000 franking labels. Overall, the price and running costs associated with the DM50 fall well within the ‘affordable’ range as far as franking machines go.

    Maintenance and Care

    Perhaps the only area where the DM50 falls short is care and maintenance. The issue is that there aren’t many suppliers and aftercare providers who can repair the DM50. You wouldn’t want your franking machine to be cared for or repaired by a technician who hasn’t worked on the same model before. Therefore, taking proper care of the machine in the office will help and reduce the need to seek a professional for care and maintenance.


    Pitney Bowes’ DM50 franking machine is one of the best options for small businesses that want their own franking machines but don’t send out large volumes of mail on a daily basis.

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