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    Postage Meters for Small Businesses

    Postage Meters for Small Businesses

    Businesses have long understood the advantages of having postage meters on-site. Businesses that have to take their mail to the post office each day are wasting precious time that could be spent on other tasks. An employee or several employees have to gather mail and transport goods to the post office, stand in line and wait for everything to be figured out. Companies that have their own postage meters can have the mail picked up by a courier, saving travelling time and waiting time. Small businesses and even home users can also benefit from postage meters. Thanks to the Internet, even people who mail things only sporadically can now print their own postage and avoid trips and long lines at the post office.

    Postage meters allow users to print postage on a label that they can stick on a package. By printing the postage, they're paying for it through credit or an account that's already established. Postage meters aren't necessary for people who only mail standard sized envelopes that take a single stamp. This kind of postage can be printed directly from the Internet and no meter is necessary. But when oversized letters and items that weigh more than a single stamp will carry are needed, postage meters are necessary.

    These meters can weigh the envelope or package and determine exactly how much postage is necessary. This means no more waiting in line at the post office to buy postage. Along with weighing the package, postage meters can also calculate the right amount of postage for special delivery options. If the package needs to be sent overnight or in a certain amount of time for a rush delivery, or even on slower delivery options like bulk mail, postage meters can calculate correct postage for these items.

    Reasons to use postage meters

    Aside from avoiding the long lines at the post office, there are other reasons why postage meters are a good option for small businesses. It is convenient not to have to go to the post office but more important than convenience are the cost savings. When you consider the cost of a staff member physically going to the post office, the amount of gas used either in a company car or through reimbursement, and the delays that can result, then postage meters are clearly the best option. If you allow post to pile up and take it to the post office in large quantities and infrequently, the people waiting for the products or information you are shipping may be forced to wait much longer than if you used a postage meter.

    If you've ever put two stamps on an envelope because you weren't sure if one was enough and you didn't want to wait in line, then using postage meters should make perfect financial sense. You'll never overpay for postage again because you can accurately measure exactly what's needed. And the labels that are printed can be used on any type of envelope or package.

    Some drawbacks of postage meters are the need to update them when postage costs change and the ongoing rental cost. These drawbacks can seem mild compared to the convenience and the cost savings over time you can see by using postage meters.

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