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    Renting A Franking Machine: A Price Guide

    Franking machines are a blessing for companies which handle direct mail. Not only do they make processing mail easier, they can also calculate postage. Therefore, they make mailing considerably easier for businesses and save them money and time. However, one of the top reasons franking machines aren’t in every office is their price. You could pay up to thousands of pounds for a modern high-volume franking machine. Though you can buy a cheaper one, it won’t deliver the same high quality and reliability you can expect from a pricey machine. In this case, renting a franking machine is a more practical option for your business.

    For a monthly fee, you can get a franking machine and use it to your heart’s content. Once the task is completed, you can send it back. If that sounds more up your alley, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost to rent a franking machine. Here is a price guide to help you understand franking machine rental costs.

    Rental Charges

    The first component of the rental price of a franking machine is the rental charge itself. Suppliers have a standard rental charge based on the model you choose to rent. There is little room for negotiation here, so you have to accept the rental charge they have set. Entry-level franking machines have a considerably lower rental charge as compared to high-end models. For instance, if you want to rent a franking machine that gets through 150 letters per minute, you have to pay more than you would renting a machine that processes 20 letters a minute.

    The age of the franking machine is also taken into account. The older models are available at a lower rate than newer ones. Due to this little detail, there can even be a great variation in rental costs between franking machines made by the same company. For example, you can rent the Neopost IS-240 for £20 a month while you would have to pay £300 for the Neopost IS-6000. Not only is the model newer but it delivers a larger volume and can process thicker packages. The rental costs for some other Neopost franking machines are as follows:

    • IS-330 - £27.30
    • IS-5000 - £278.40
    • IS-420 - £66.80
    • IS-480 -£170

    The Pitney Bowes DM50 franking machine, a low-volume model that processes 20 letters a minute, can be rented for £20.40.

    Documentation Fee

    Documentation fee is considered to be a ‘hidden charge’ for renting a franking machine. Usually, suppliers charge the documentation fee when you pay the rental for the first month. The amount could be as high as £150 even if your rental is £20. Therefore, make it a point to ask the supplier whether you are required to pay a documentation fee for renting the franking machine.

    Maintenance Charges

    Franking machine rental providers often offer maintenance for their machines. It is practical for you to get a maintenance contract as repairing a franking machine or replacing its parts could cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds. However, the maintenance charges will be added to the rental you have to pay for the machine, driving the cost upwards. Ask the supplier about maintenance and whether it is included in the rental charge you are paying. Along with these costs, you might have to pay for the ink cartridges. A cartridge for the entry-level franking machines costs around £80. However, replacing the ink cartridge for a high-end model, such as the Neopost IS-6000, could cost you more than £275.

    Now that you know the general price levels for renting a franking machine, you can make an informed decision when renting one for your business.

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