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AllStar Fuel Cards

Offering an unrivalled network, AllStar fuel cards are a simple way of taking control of fuel costs and reducing the administration associated with fuel expenditure. AllStar is the UK’s leading fuel management company, processing over 50 million transactions per year and managing more than 1.2 million cards in circulation.

AllStar Fuel Cards: How They Work

The AllStar card offers the only true multi-branded fuel network in the UK and includes oil company, supermarket and motorway brands (around 8,000 sites). Eliminate the hassle of petty cash, remove the need to process receipts, pay the actual cost of fuel instead of a pence-per-mile rate, capture business/private mileage split, claim 100% of business fuel VAT and access online reporting 24/7.

  • Reducing Your Fuel Expenditure
    Did you know that fuel can account for approximately 25% of the total operating costs of your fleet?
    Most organisations can benefit from significant savings by implementing a fuel management policy which includes using fuel cards.
  • The Leading Fuel Network by Miles
    With more than 1.2 million cards in circulation, the AllStar fuel card is accepted by 100% of all major brands including motorway services and lower cost supermarkets (around 8,000 sites).
    Unlike other fuel cards, your drivers will not have to deviate from their route to find a forecourt that accepts their card. AllStar has the country covered from top to bottom.
  • Reporting at Your Fingertips
    Access to online reporting 24/7 enables you to analyse your fuel spend to help you identify where you can save money.
  • Are You Claiming 100% of Your Business Fuel VAT*?
    In order to claim back your business fuel VAT, it is a legal requirement that you have a VAT receipt. Our consolidated invoice is HMRC approved and ensures that you can claim back up to 100% of your business fuel VAT.
  • Eliminate The Hassle of Petty Cash
    Your driver presents the AllStar card as payment and your company is sent one consolidated invoice. There is no need to hand out petty cash meaning less hassle for you and your drivers.
  • Don’t Waste Time Processing Receipts
    Drivers buying fuel with their own money, keeping receipts and then claiming back through expenses creates unnecessary administration. This is eliminated with an AllStar fuel card.
  • Pay Drivers The Actual Cost of Fuel Not a Fixed Pence Per Mile Rate
    If you are paying drivers a fixed pence per mile rate you could be paying them too much! An AllStar fuel card identifies the actual cost of the fuel used.

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