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BP Fuel Cards UK

BP is one of the largest fuel companies in the world and has a range of popular fuel cards in the UK. BP differentiate their Fuel Card products in several ways. These include enhanced card security, an extensive network that includes all of Europe and the ability to use their cards to pay for a wide range of services including road and bridge tolls.

Here we look in detail at the main features of BP Fuel Cards and help you decide if they are the best solution for your business.

There are three kinds of BP fuel cards: the BP PLUS Fuel Card, BP PLUS Bunker Fuel Card and the BP Supercharge Fuel Card.

Why you should consider BP Fuel Cards

For small businesses, the BP Supercharge Fuel Card provides an effective and cost efficient solution with easy billing and VAT reporting.

For vans and cars the BP PLUS fuel card covers the largest network in the UK and across Europe. It includes several advanced security features designed to protect businesses. Again billing and VAT reporting is simple.

Buses and van are restricted to the BP PLUS Bunker fuel card which provides access to the UK network of BP stations plus Bunker sites.

BP PLUS Fuel Card

The BP PLUS fuel card is aimed at fleets of cars and vans that operate in the UK and across Europe. As well as providing access to a large pan-European network across 29 countries with over 18,000 service stations, the brand focuses on services designed to help businesses control their fuel and related purchases, enhanced security, easy VAT reporting and online account management.

BP also offers competitive pricing when the card is used at BP filling stations. Average discounts are around £0.07 per litre.

Advantages of the BP PLUS fuel card include:

  • A large pan-European network covering 29 countries with over 18,000 service stations
  • Competitive fuel pricing with an average £0.07 per litre discount on pump prices when the card is used at BP stations.
  • All card purchases are checked to ensure that they are consistent with earlier spending patterns, allowing early detection of possible misuse
  • All transactions can be viewed online and downloaded within 48 hours
  • The ability to pay for a wide range of services including tunnel, road and bridge tolls, lubricants and food purchases.
  • Purchasing options can be pre-defined to minimise card misuse
  • Easy VAT HMRC approved invoicing
  • Web access to outlet locator and route planner
  • High level of security including driver PIN and alerts should card be used out of set times and locations. Alerts are sent by email or SMS. Typical alerts include:
  • Location Alert for when card is used outside specified countries and regions within the UK
  • Site Type Alert for when the card is used on unauthorised sites
  • Odometer Alert for when card is used other than at specified distances between refuelling.
  • Day and Time Alert for when card is used at unspecified times or on unspecified days
  • Card Spend Alert should purchases exceed weekly or monthly set limits.

BP Supercharge Fuel Card

The BP Supercharge Fuel Card is designed for smaller businesses and its primary advantage is its extensive network of around 8,000 service stations throughout the UK. This is the largest UK based network and includes around 90% of all UK forecourts including all the major brands, supermarkets and motorway service stations. This means that it is rare for drivers to need to divert from their route to refuel.

Members are charged the pump prices and there are no transaction fees which can provide big savings compared with other brands which do have transaction charges. Drivers simply present their Supercharge Fuel Card and the business receives a weekly invoice which is VAT approved by HMRC. Payments must be made within 14 days of receipt. There are also online account management tools that simplify administration.

The advantages of the BP Supercharge Fuel Card include:

  • The most extensive network in the UK
  • Easy payment
  • Pump prices and no surcharge
  • Weekly billing
  • Easy VAT reporting
  • Online account management


There is an annual charge on each card. For fewer than 100 cards the cost is £24 per card per year, for between 100 and 200 cards £18 per card per year and for over 200 cards £12 per cards per year.

BP PLUS Bunker Fuel Card

The BP PLUS Bunker fuel card is for trucks and buses. The network includes 1,200 BP filling stations in the UK plus 460 Bunker sites. Bunker sites are refilling stations that have been designed specifically for HGVs and include high speed fuel pumps with high canopies and special facilities for HGV drivers. The BP PLUS Bunker Europa card is additionally accepted at European Routex sites.

The other features of the card including security, alerts and billing are in line with those offered with the BP PLUS fuel card.

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