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Esso Fuel Cards UK

Esso allow customers to tailor fuel cards to match their business needs. There are three categories: the Esso Commercial Fuel Card, the Esso Single Network Fuel Card and the Esso Multi Network Fuel Card. First we will look at the features that apply to all of these and then consider their differences and the kinds of businesses for which they are suitable.

The Esso Card

The Esso Card is designed to be a flexible and cost-effective solution designed to suit the size of your specific business, offering improved fleet management efficiency. It provides access to the extensive Esso European network of 6,100 service stations and 250 motorway sites. In the UK the network includes around 1,000 Esso sites plus 2,000 non-Esso branded sites. The card also provides access to an extended network across 18 countries. These are detailed below.

Features of the Esso card include:

  • Pricing - depending on the kind of fleet and fuel usage, Esso offers two pricing models: commodity based pricing and pump pricing.
  • Administration – billing options include consolidated invoicing, itemised invoices and fuel consumption reports based on odometer readings. All account administration can be carried out online.
  • e-Business tool provides round the clock access to real time information, the ability to block cards, detailed reports on items such as fuel consumption, statistics, performance, purchasing patterns and immediate access to online invoices.

Tailoring options include the ability to specify items such as:

  • Fuel type
  • Lubricants
  • Vehicles spare parts and accessories
  • Shop purchases
  • Car wash
  • Tolls including tunnel, bridge and roads throughout Europe

Enhanced security features include:

  • unique card based PINs with cards being configurable to each driver or vehicle
  • purchase patterns are monitored and excessive use is reported
  • easy cancelling of lost or stolen cards
  • Access to the Fuel finder App that helps drivers locate stations across Europe
  • Tesco Clubcard Points can be collected by drivers

Esso Fuel Card Types

The three Esso card types are:

  • Esso Commercial Fuel Card – this provides access to around 1,000 Esso sites in the UK which includes 184 that have features specifically designed for trucks. Across Europe there are 6,100 Esso branded service stations and 250 motorway sites. This solution is intended for fleets that include HGVs and PSVs. Pricing is based on a weekly set diesel price which applies to all truck sites. There is a minimum spend of £300 per month. Fees are £15 per card per year.

  • Esso Single Network Fuel Card - designed for van and car fleets and provides access to around 1,000 Esso sites in the UK. Pricing is based on current pump prices with a minimum spend of £300 per month. Fees are £15 per card per year.

  • Esso Multi Network Fuel Card – also designed for van and car fleets. In addition to the Esso network, the card also provides access to Shell sites giving a total network of around 2,011 sites. Pricing is based on current pump prices with a minimum spend of £300 per month. Fees are £15 per card per year.

Why you should consider Esso Fuel Cards

The Esso European network provides extensive coverage with 6,100 service stations across Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway and the UK. The extended network includes 13,000 sites in a total of 18 countries adding Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic Bulgaria, Denmark, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia to the list. Many of the locations include special truck facilities with high speed pumps and raised canopies.

The Esso Card is customisable to suit your business and includes a good number of security features. The flexible nature of the various packages means that there should be a solution for most if not all business models.

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