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Vending Machine Prices

Hot Drinks Vending Machine Prices

A hot drinks vending machine can help improve your bottom line by boosting staff performance and cutting costs. A workforce that has access to caffeine can not only concentrate for longer but their morale will also benefit from knowing that their employer cares about their welfare and comfort. In addition, making the preparation of hot drinks a simple one step process for your staff also cuts down on the amount of time spent away from workstations in the kitchen or running to a nearby café.

Of course, working out the exact monetary benefit of a hot drinks machine for your business is impossible. How do you attach a value to increased staff comfort? Nevertheless if you need a hot drinks machine, or think you need a hot drinks machine, this guide to hot drinks vending machine prices should help you decide what kind of machine you need and what you can afford.

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Purchasing a Vending Machine

When you purchase a vending machine you’re looking at a high initial outlay. This can work out cheaper over time though as you’re free to negotiate your own supplier of refills and consumables. If the vending machine is for use in a public area you could also sell items at a profit.

Table-top Hot Drinks Machines

These are the smallest, cheapest coffee machines available.

In the sub £500 price range you can obtain an instant table-top coffee machine which can dispense around 120 cups per hour. One refillable canister restricts you to one drink choice only.

For £500 - £1,000 you can pick up a table-top hot drinks vending machine with a choice of various coffee and tea types. These could be instant or in-cup machines. This price range also covers the lower end espresso machines which dispense cappuccinos, lattes etc.

Floor Standing Hot Drinks Machines

For £1,000 - £2,000 you can obtain a high-volume machine which can dispense fresh-brew or instant. This is the range where the floor-standing machines start to become available as well as the table-top ‘bean to cup’ machines which grind coffee beans automatically for café fresh coffee.

For a full sized floor standing vending machine that can dispense tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup, hot and cold water etc for 100 or more people, you’re looking at prices exceeding £2,000.

Leasing a Vending Machine

Leasing or renting a coffee machine obviously cuts out the need for tying up a substantial chunk of capital and can also lead to a tax deductible outgoing. Rental prices can be fixed over the contract term so you know exactly what your hot drinks outgoings will be for the next 3 years or so. With leasing though, you are often tied in to purchasing all the vending machine supplies from the same company.

Rental prices start form £5 per week for a small table top machine and rise to over £20 per week for a large floor standing machine.

Prices for supplies vary depending on the supplier and the quality of the ingredients but a guideline price is around 5p to 10p per cup. Prices for supplies are liable to fluctuate so if you can arrange a contract with fixed prices over several years you’re doing very well.

Compare Vending Machine Quotes

Our advice is to gather as many quotes from different suppliers as possible. Check out the prices for different machines and project the costs over, say, a year to work out which is the most cost effective option while still maintaining your desired capacity and standards.

Approved Index offers a fast and free way to compare quotes from several leading hot drinks vending machine suppliers. Just fill out one simple form to receive up to 4 quotes today.

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