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HR Software Package Prices

Searching for HR software on Google is probably enough to convince you that the world of HR software suppliers is very well populated, full of variety and very confusing. Extracting brief summaries of each HR software package’s main features and benefits is hard enough but gathering concrete prices is nigh on impossible.

Enter Approved HR Software. We sent our very best internet scouts on a mission through cyberspace to compare prices for HR software packages and bring them back for inclusion in this pricing guide. Unfortunately, actual numbers are pretty thin on the ground but we’ve included them where possible. Otherwise we’ve endeavoured to give you a strong grounding in price structures and comparison points between different HR software services and packages.

Free Open Source HR Software

No, that’s not a typo, free HR software really does exist and can be downloaded today. OrangeHRM is one of the most popular packages: it provides all the usual modules and features of HR software and is extensively customisable. Unfortunately, as with most free software, it requires a lot of technical expertise to set up correctly and configure for your business. OrangeHRM offer to do this for you at a price, charging several thousands of pounds a year for full installation and support.

Web Based Software

Most providers of web based HR software offer a free trial period where you can take the software for a test drive. As you’re paying for a service rather than purchasing the software outright you normally pay a monthly fee and pay-as-you-go or pay per employee pricing structures are common so no long contracts are necessary. Set up fees are common. Myhrtoolkit, one of the few web based providers to present an open pricing structure charge £50 per month for 11-20 users with a £100 set up fee with prices rising to £350 per month for 401-600 users with a £1,000 set up fee. Their software is quite basic though and doesn’t include time and attendance or self-service modules.

Off-the-shelf HR Software

These kinds of software packages will run on your own server or PCs with an initial set up cost and licences for each machine on which they’re installed. Each module will normally have a separate price so you can pick and choose elements. For a medium sized business you’re looking at several thousand pounds to set up and install such a package. Support services will then cost extra. Concrete prices are hard to come by so shopping around is vital, as is checking what is and isn’t included in the price quoted and how much you’ll be charged for support and updates. Another thing to bear in mind is that your current hardware might need to be upgraded so factor this cost in too.

Bespoke HR Software

Generally only large organisations will be considering bespoke software. Prices are obviously infinitely variable as you’re paying developers to create a tailored package that meets your needs exactly. Again, check support and upgrade prices, charges for call outs or emergency bug-fixes and whether you’ll need hardware upgrades.

Comparing Prices: Tips

As we’ve seen, prices vary considerably and are often opaque. Gather all the information you can about the price structure for a particular package including:

  • What modules are included and how much extras cost
  • What customisation and re-branding costs
  • Support and upgrade charges
  • How charges will change if your company expands and more users are required
  • What set up and training (if required) costs
  • Whether you’ll need to upgrade your hardware
  • How much disruption will result from switching to the new software

Lastly, always get a product demo so you can see exactly how the HR software will work and whether it’s suitable for your company. Compare prices obsessively and don’t be rushed into a purchase.

HR software prices are falling all the time so it’s possible to pick up a real bargain if you’re prepared to put the effort into the comparison of quotes. Hopefully the extra competition will drive providers to more open pricing policies in the near future.


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