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IT Support Prices

IT Support Prices

IT support is an indispensible service for any company which relies on its IT infrastructure for core buisness activities - which these days means almost all businesses. Various service options and payment types are available which means that with a little research you can pick the IT support plan that's perfect for your company. This guide to IT Support Prices gathers figures from a number of websites offering differening service levels and is intended as a basis for comparison only.

IT Support Costs

IT support prices will vary according to the number of computer users you have. As a general guide to prices, if you have over 100 PCs, the cost of IT support will probably be around £1000 pcm. There is great flexibility in the type of IT support you receive, and you can choose whether you want remote or onsite support. Onsite support can be pricey, costing around £100 for 3 half days a year. Also, prices will change depending on whether you choose to opt for a contract which may take monthly or yearly payments, a basic set up fee or package which you can add to when required, or ad hoc support that allows you to receive help when you need it.

If you have 50 PCs, the prices and options available include £650 pcm for remote and telephone support, £100 pcm for proactive onsite support (which involves 3 half days per annum) and £99 pcm for spam solution (Cerberus). For 100 users or PCs it costs around £1150 pcm for remote and telephone support only, £100 pcm for proactive onsite support (again, for 3 half days per annum), and £187.50 pcm for spam solution (Cerberus). For 150 users, IT support prices are £1350 pcm for remote and telephone support, £100 pcm for proactive onsite support (3 half days per annum) and £265.50 pcm for spam solution (Cerberus). For 200 users remote and telephone support costs rise to £14750 pcm, proactive onsite support costs £100 pcm for 3 half days per annum, and £300 pcm for spam solution (Cerberus). For 250 users, it costs £1580 pcm for remote and telephone support. Proactive onsite support remains the same at £100 pcm and spam solution (Cerberus) is £329 pcm.

Alternatively, you can find onsite ad hoc support per hour for £75 with a minimum charge of 1 hour. In-house, telephone or remote ad hoc support costs £60 per hour and this is charged in units of 15 minutes. Contracted support per hour costs £60 but this is only available with some support services. Only customers committing to a minimum monthly spend or taking up backup services qualify for contracted support rates. Additional costs to these may include travel time at £30 per hour, plus 50p per mile. A pick up and drop off service costs £30 or £15 one way. Also check whether prices are subject to VAT.

For peace of mind, backup services are also available. For daily backup to a single PC or server, prices start at around £60. For a weekly or fortnightly backup for a single PC or server, prices are around £75. If backup of a single PC or server takes place monthly, it will cost around £39. These prices are subject to VAT and are also per visit. Check whether backup service prices include all backup hardware and software, travel time, travel costs, off-site storage and up to half an hour of onsite ad hoc support per visit. Furthermore, these prices may only be applicable if a minimum 12 months contract has been taken.

Online IT Support Prices

Another option is solely online IT Support. Twenty four hour online support can be found for as little as £11.99 per month. Some of the benefits of opting for remote support packages are that you can create a personalised support contract and pay a monthly fee to guarantee support when you need it. Instant support should help you minimise any downtime. A monthly package may entitle to you to up to 60 minutes of remote support per month, during standard office hours. The price of monthly remote support is around £35 per month. Support outside of standard office hours may cost more. A different option is to buy a block of time which may include an initial setup payment of approximately £50 which can then be added to when needed. By being able to top-up your hours when you feel you need them, rather than paying a monthly fee, you increase your flexibility and ensure that you receive support when you feel you most need it. With this option, 60 minutes is the standard setup time, and the additional support varies with top-ups in blocks of 30 minutes. Each top-up block is £20 per block.

Rather than committing to a contract or payment in advance, you can opt for ad hoc support if you are unsure whether you’ll need support or when. This allows you to pay as you go, and also allows you to use as much or as little time as you need. Initially there may be a minimum of 30 minutes for your first order and regular customers may qualify for an account. The cost per block of ad hoc support is approximately £25.

These options are a rough guide to the cost of remote support. Verify details and prices when ordering. Also check whether VAT will be added to the price quoted. Prices are usually based on a 12 month contract.

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