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Telephone Surveys UK

Telephone Surveys

Market research is an essential tool for any businesses looking to understand their audience or customers; it helps them to recognise where they are succeeding and not succeeding, as well as providing insight into areas where expansion could take place.

Telephone surveys are one of the best ways for businesses to assess customer satisfaction, interest and applicability; it is an important process for business owners that want to ensure that their products, services and sales techniques are tailored properly. Additionally, telephone surveys help you to assess customer and client feelings in a more natural way than online or email surveys sometimes allow.

To find out more about telephone surveys and what they can offer to your business, simply continue reading the content on this page. Otherwise, if you want to compare quotes from Approved Index today, just fill in the form at the top of the page.

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Telephone Survey Costs

Telephone survey costs can be worked out in a few different ways. Generally, there will be a per survey cost - between £20 and £50, depending on level - or there might be a bulk price, which will take into account the number of surveys included.

In many cases, a market research company will lower the price per survey if there are going to be a large number of surveys taking place.

The table below covers costs for a range of options.

Survey LevelBasicMid-RangeBest Quality
Cost for 50 Surveys£1000£1750£2500
Cost for 100 Surveys£2000£3500£5000

The table above gives some insight into what cost you might encounter. Many small businesses will probably need to opt for either a small number of surveys, or for more surveys at the higher end of the price scale. Large businesses are less likely to be limited by this kind of thing.

As mentioned above the table, many companies will offer price reductions when the number of surveys exceeds a certain amount. To get the clearest idea of this cut-off point as possible, you should speak to supplier today - fill in the form at the top of this page to start the process now.

Why Conduct Telephone Surveys?

Telephone surveys are more appropriate for certain types of market research than others. The advantages of conducting telephone based research arise from the following:

  • Telephone numbers are easy to obtain in bulk (for businesses at least) or gather from customers.
  • A number of telephone operatives can work through large lists quickly.
  • Responses are gathered at the time of contact i.e. there is no lag time.
  • People pay more attention to their responses when talking to a person than when they’re filling in a form.
  • People are more likely to answer open ended questions (e.g. what are your reasons for liking this product?) than when filling in a form.
  • Respondents can be thanked personally for giving up their time.

Telephone Survey Questionnaires

Whichever market research company you choose to help with your telephone surveys, they will work with you to develop an appropriate set of questions or survey. The companies that we work with have years of experience, and will be able to provide relevant insight that can help you to create the most effective survey possible.

Additionally, many market research companies will also allow for changes to be made, even once the process is started - of course, this will not always be necessary, but when tests are not proving effective, or when they are providing the wrong kind of information, it is important to be able to make changes.

Telephone Survey Targeting

For this sort of process, it is important to ensure that those contacted are relevant to the test. In the same way that email marketers and direct mail marketers require a tailored list of prospects, telephone surveys need a list of quality, relevant contact numbers.

Most market research companies will be able to provide this contacts as part of the process, however it is also possible to go elsewhere if you want to use other agencies’ experience. A number of data providers, for example, will be able to provide you - or the survey company you work with - with excellent prospect phone numbers.

The list below includes some of the considerations that need to be made with telephone surveys.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Job role

Of course, the kinds of targeting available can be altered depending on your needs; whatever sort of customer or research you are looking for though, there will be filters to apply to help get the best possible information.

As well as applying specific demographic filters to the contacts, market researchers can also help to provide and ask a mixture of closed and open-ended questions; these will allow you to get a mixture of short and longer answers, hopefully providing the greatest depth of responses possible.

Telephone Survey Considerations

When commissioning a telephone survey there are three main factors to which you should pay particular attention:

  • Sample selection – Choosing the people who you’ll survey deserves careful consideration. If you’re genuinely looking to establish trends or attitudes among a particular type of customer you’ll want to gather as much data as possible from as random a sample as possible to make your analysis worthwhile. Again, if you’re looking to gauge customer satisfaction you’ll want to survey a broad spectrum of your customer base. If you’re looking for a potential news story you might want to pick a particular demographic that matches your target audience e.g. under 25s or working mums.
  • Compiling a questionnaire – The questions you ask your respondents will hugely affect the results you obtain. There are plenty of opportunities in question construction to bias answers in one direction or another, whether intentional or not. If you’re looking for data to inform your marketing or business decision-making, you’ll need it to be as unbiased as possible. Ambiguous questions, complex questions, questions that are too short or include jargon words all lead to a potential bias in answers. These methods can of course be used to bias answers in your favour when looking for PR material.
  • Analysis of results – A market research company should be skilled at gathering large amounts of data and interpreting that data using statistical methods. Many tools and techniques are available but you should always consider whether enough data has been gathered to back up the conclusions of the research. This is especially important if you’re basing important business decisions on them.

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The information on this page has been designed to provide businesses with insight into market research through telephone surveys. It should help them to understand how this kind of process can benefit them, and should also offer some insight as to the potential benefits.

To find out more, and to receive tailored quotes from top UK research companies, just fill in the form at the top of the page.

Comparing quotes with Approved Index is free, quick and easy, and it could save you as much as 40%.

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