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Questions to Ask a Marketing Agency

Questions to ask a Marketing Agency

So you’ve decided to hire a marketing agency to help you promote your brand. Branding your products or services is the most challenging part of running your business. Fortunately, marketing agencies offer great services but their fees can be quite steep. One way to avoid regretting your decision to invest in the costly services of what turns out to be an incompetent marketing agency, is to make sure that the marketing agencies you look into can offer you services that fit your needs and your budget. Before hiring an agency, ask them questions to determine their reliability, professionalism, passion and experience.

Since you will pay for the agency’s services, you might as well get the most out of it. Gather basic information but also focus on smaller and more subtle details to ensure that you choose the perfect company.

The Basic Questions You Should Ask

  • Do you understand my needs?
    A professional and experienced marketing agency will listen to you before they talk. They should tailor their services to your goals and needs.
  • What is your time frame to help me reach my goals?
    It is best to always have a time frame to meet specific goals. This will help you save on cost. Note that less than 30 working days is a suspicious time frame to meet a marketing goal. Marketing requires a lot of effort, time, planning, experience, and dedication to sell any product or service.
  • Do you practise what you preach?
    Trust is the most critical part of any partnership. If the agency abides by their mission and advice, then it is worth trusting them. A great marketing agency is not all talk. They should follow rules and take their own advice.
  • What are your payment terms?
    This is the most important question you should ask. Paying the right amount of money for the extent of an agency’s services is your basic right.
  • What are my responsibilities as a client?
    Some clients hand over every single marketing activity to an agency, which should never be the case. Your goals, needs, and wants are very essential bases when creating a marketing plan. A great agency will require your cooperation. That is why you and your agency enter a partnership.

Here are additional helpful questions to ask a prospective marketing agency:

  • How many years have you been in the industry?
  • Name sample clients you have had successful relationships with.
  • Who will be working on my account? Will I meet any other experts?
  • Can I keep in constant touch with an account executive?
  • Cite recent successes and specify your contributions to them.
  • How do you communicate with clients on progress? Do you use any tool or resource to share information?
  • What financial incentives do you get for product or service recommendations? Do you get commissions?
  • What ongoing training services do you provide your staff?
  • Who do I call if I have a problem?
  • Do you require advance payments?
  • How do you bill for expenses? Are they invoiced or marked-up?
  • What do you consider a rush project? Do you charge extra for such? If you do, how much?
  • Who will have the creative control?
  • Would you reassess or reinvent my own strategy or ideas?
  • What do you look for in a successful client relationship?

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