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Credit Card Terminals for Large Businesses

Credit card terminals for large businesses differ from those used in smaller enterprises in that they need to process a much larger volume of transactions and require more complex technology. They may also need to process specific payment methods as well as a variety of them.

Specific Large Business Needs

Large Business Credit Card Terminals

While small businesses may only require the most basic of card machines, typically a single device to process PDQ-enabled payments, large businesses often need a fully integrated system that allows for multiple payment methods used across various platforms.

For the largest of businesses this can mean the latest in contactless devices, such as readers that can process smartphone payments as well as cards, and in some cases a large array of payment readers, from countertop to portable. Large businesses may also need to implement reward cards schemes or other incentive based systems. Such a structure requires a more complex set of capabilities from the card machines and bespoke design for the specific sector the business operates in.

Large restaurants, for example, can integrate their card machines into the entire EPOS (electronic tills) system, allowing for automatic payment updates, payment flexibility, such as splitting or merging bills, and language options for receipts.


There are many credit card terminal providers available but only a handful of reputable companies are able to supply the types of systems, software and device that can deal with the complex nature of large businesses. Each sector will have its own requirements, so it does pay to make sure you have researched every possible supplier before committing. Card machine terminals are a source of great convenience but the wrong type of setup can be hugely restrictive and costly. The most well-renowned providers in the UK include:

  • World Pay
  • Sage Pay
  • Web Merchant
  • Adalente

Find the top terminal providers for your large business


World Pay

World Pay have been in the business of merchant services in one form or another since 1997. In that time they have grown to become one of the largest and most popular providers in the world.

World Pay offer payment solutions to large and small businesses alike. This ability to customise their service to suit the nature of their clients is a big part of their success.

They offer desktop, portable and mobile readers with the ability to accept the very latest of payment technology, including smartphone payments. They also offer a virtual terminal to allow card payments from phone orders anywhere with an Internet connection. This allows World Pay to supply the most cutting edge technology to deal with the needs of even the largest corporations.

Sage Pay

With its roots stretching back to 2001, Sage Pay have fast became a major provider of merchant services in the UK. Within a few short years they were one of the most well renowned SME (Small to medium sized enterprises) providers and began manufacturing large business solutions by the end of that decade.

Sage Pay stand alone devices provide a cost efficient method of payment that suits smaller businesses but it is with their integrated EPOS systems that they are most respected by large businesses.

Cloud based technology can be easily implemented with all payments methods and although they do not offer the options that some of their rivals are able to, Sage Pay are capable of processing large scale payments for just about all sectors.

Web Merchant

Since the business was established in 1997, Web Merchant have focused their expertise in providing the best high volume payment solutions to large businesses in the UK.

Web Merchant are not as big a company as some of their rivals but that is not to say that do not provide systems and devices that do not match them. Although the devices are a little thin on the ground in terms of the latest technology, the devices they do provide are reliable, smart and easy to use.


Another company formed in 1997, Adelante have put a premium on design for both their systems and devices, leading to them supplying products and services to companies such as Ann Summers, Dynorod and Thomas Cook. They also provide merchant services to local government and large events.

The capabilities of their basic chip and pin devices are well known and include the main three categories of countertop, portable and mobile. Smartphone payments are accessible through some of the best equipment you will come across in the industry and include iPad, Apple Watch and other electronic payment compatibility.

Another impressive part of their products and services is their ability to be perfectly suited to a huge variety of sectors. These include retail and hospitality ventures, as is to be expected but also supply large events, local government, taxi services, bailiffs and call centres, making them one of the most flexible providers in the UK.

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