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Elavon Merchant Services Review

Elavon Merchant Services

With over 20 years’ experience in the field, Elavon provide a raft of merchant services for all shapes and sizes of business. Payment methods, processing and equipment are all supplied, with each able to be tailored to suit the needs of their clients. With more than one million businesses using their products and services and cutting edge innovation, Elavon are set to be a major force in the merchant services world for the foreseeable future.

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Products and Services

Elavon offer a vast range of products and services meaning they are popular with small businesses, huge corporations and all sizes of companies in between. Each area of merchant services can therefore be customised to fit the needs of each individual business while allowing their clients to grow without restriction.

The main products and services include:

  • Countertop POS
  • Wireless POS
  • Mobile POS
  • Apple Pay
  • Loyalty Cards

Countertop EPOS

Elavon provide POS equipment for just about all relevant business sectors, with each machine and its system cleverly designed to suit the individual company. Countertop POS equipment and software is particularly well suited to retail, specifically small retail businesses, but that does not mean they are not an important part of larger enterprise systems as well.

As each Elavon model is designed to be flexible, they are able to make bespoke packages to suit sectors as diverse as retail, hospitality, airlines and large events. Each of their countertop devices is therefore able to cover the needs of each business.

Wireless POS

It is with portable devices that the advantages of Elavon’s flexible systems are most keenly observed. Unless your business is particularly large, retail will generally not require the depth of features that the hospitality industry utilises and at the heart of this are wireless devices.

Flexibility is not the only concern, however. Reliability has long been an issue with certain merchant service equipment so it is vital that the wireless devices, in particular, are sturdy enough to deal with the day-to-day tasks they will encounter. On top of this Bluetooth is notoriously unreliable when combined with poorly designed devices. Thankfully Elavon are renowned for producing dependable and affordable wireless POS devices.

Mobile POS

Mobile POS systems have become more popular in recent years. This is partly due to the addition of the tablet in payment systems and an improvement in their reliability and security.

Mobile POS systems and devices are generally suited to outdoor payment processes for market traders, delivery services and large events. The issue relating to this technology generally relates to security and reliability, so it pays to research your options thoroughly. As previously mentioned, Elavon devices are considered some of the most dependable and secure in the UK

Ease of use is another important feature that Elavon offer. Mobile devices can cause a raft of technical problems if they are not designed to be compatible and simple. Elavon not only provide easily integrated equipment, their support receives consistently positive feedback from customers across the full range of sectors.

Apple Pay

Mobile wallets and smartphone payments are the fastest growing methods of payment processing in the world and is widely regarded as being the future of all forms of transactions.

To this end, Elavon have put great stock in designing products and services that are able to process Apple Pay in the most efficient and cost-efficient way as possible. Each Elavon card payment device is now Apple Pay compatible, with Apple Pay decals, weather resistant displays for shop windows, provided for free to advertise the fact your business is compatible.

Loyalty Cards

One of Elavon’s most innovative services is the ability to easily implement loyalty card bonuses, called Fanfare, to your customers, meaning even small businesses can benefit from such schemes.

Seamless integration, easy implementation and tracking of customer habits are just a few of the benefits Fanfare can provide.


Unless your business has an in house department to deal with technological issues, having a high level of support is essential to the implementation and running of merchant service equipment and systems.

Elavon provides bespoke support for each issue that you might encounter, including account management, advice getting started, online ordering and security resources. These include 24-hour phone support as well as most forms of Internet communication. There is also an Email for customer feedback to improve their service and advice on how to best process any complaints you might have.