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Handepay Merchant Services Review

Handepay Merchant Services

Handepay are one of the UK’s most well-renowned merchant account providers. With thousands of customers and an all-encompassing range of products and services, including card machines, phone payments and online payments, most payment methods and sectors are catered for.

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Products And Services

The best merchant account providers offer multiple products and services so as to cater for all sectors, sizes and scopes of business. It is imperative that the options made available are able to change with the requirements of a business and take in the various specific needs of the client. Handepay provide a vast range of products and services that include:

  • Countertop Card Machines
  • Portable Card Machines
  • Mobile Card Machines
  • Online Payments
  • Phone Payments

Countertop Card Machines

Countertop card machines are devices that allow a retailer to take card payments from a fixed location. The device is small and easily integrated into existing set ups. All of Handepay’s countertop card machines can process contactless payments including Apple Pay and Android Pay, as well as standard chip and pin transactions.

Every Handepay countertop card machine is plug and play, meaning that it’s easy to install. The simple design makes it one of the most intuitive card machines to use. The device contains a low noise thermal printer and is suitable for dial up connections.

Portable Card Machines

Portable card machines are particularly useful for the hospitality industry, enabling businesses with multiple points of sale to take payments at various locations within the premises. Convenience is at the heart of the design but some models can lead to connection problems and poor coverage. It is therefore vital that the device these businesses employ are reliable, sturdy and of high quality.

The Handepay portable card machine is well made, dependable and secure. With a range of 30m from the access point, it is powerful enough to be employed in even the largest of venues. The device can be used to process up to 4/500 transactions per charge. Set up on your Wi-Fi network, you can take payments whilst using the telephone.

Like the countertop version, it is suitable for use with contactless payments, and is simple to install.

Mobile Card Machines

Certain businesses require outdoor payment methods, such as market traders or those that need to take payment on delivery, which makes countertop or portable devices unsuitable. Mobile card machines use the same technology as mobile phones, namely GPRS, to take payments from anywhere that has coverage. Handepay’s mobile card machines are equipped with a roaming SIM card, and will always connect to the network with the best signal. This means that you can take payments wherever you are in the country!

Although the Handepay device is compact and lightweight, it is sturdy enough to take the kinds of knocks that such devices often suffer and still remain reliable. Unlike many mobile devices, it can take contactless payments securely and can be handed over to the customer to process chip and pin payments. Installation, like other Handepay card machines methods, is simple.

Online Payments

At the heart of most retail sectors in the 21st century is online purchasing, so almost all businesses can benefit from its implementation. If your business has a website up and running, Handepay can provide a range of services to help you get the most outof your online sales. For those who do not have an online presence, Handepay provide everything a business might need.

To begin with, opening up an online merchant account enables payments to be made over the Internet. Handepay provide their own secure payment gateway, which can be easily integrated into existing systems, linking to all major shopping carts. What’s more, all major credit and debit cards are accepted at highly competitive rates. Integration with your e-commerce website is a breeze, and a dedicated UK team are on hand to support you along the way.

Phone Payments

Although not as popular a method of payment as online, phone payments still make up a large amount of transactions and are therefore an important option to offer to customers.

There are two ways of processing phone payments, through a card machine, or online through specialist virtual terminals. Handepay offer both at cost-effective prices. The handheld device is better suited to small scale operations, while the online version offers better value and can be accessed 24/7 from any computer.

Handepay Benefits

When employing the services of a merchant account provider, there are a few things that you should take into consideration. These include value, security and reliability.

Handepay provide one of the most cost-effective packages for independent businesses on the market. In fact, they are so confident in their pricing that they offer the Handepay Price Challenge. If they can’t save a business money on card processing fees, they give them £1,000.

Security is one of the biggest worries for businesses and customers alike when using online payments or card machines so it should be noted that electronic payment fraud has largely been on the decrease for several years. All Handepay card machines are certified to the industry’s latest security standard (PCI PTS 4.0).


Most businesses do not have an inherent grasp of the intricate and fast changing details of devices and services relating to products and services of electronic transactions. Although each device and service is intuitive, that is not to say that issues will not occur, especially if a business is not “tech-savvy”.

Handepay provide a high-quality service, with a UK-based team just a phone call away. Their support team are on hand to ensure that if any issues do occur, you are able to deal with them as quickly as possible.

Not only does this give you peace of mind, it also means that your business will not likely lose income due to faulty devices or networks.