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Merchant Accounts for Non Profit Organisations

non profit merchant accounts

There are many ways of raising funds for non-profit organisations and charities, but one of the most successful is online donations which account for around one-third of all charitable donations. Charity shops are also popular; currently there are over 10,000 of them in the UK and last year they rose over £220 million; there are even charity shops online.

Naturally the easiest way for people to contribute to a non-profit organisation is by using a debit or credit card. This means that, to process such payments, the non-profit organisation must have a merchant bank account and a payment gateway, but this all costs money, which means there is less left over for good causes.

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Find a Merchant Account for your Non-Profit Organisation


Do any providers offer free services for charities?

Unfortunately there are no organisations that provide a free service for charities. While there are some organisations that offer a free merchant account, others that offer a free merchant gateway, free credit card processing doesn’t exist and it is important to read the small print; you could end up paying more than conventional accounts.

Fortunately there are several providers who do help non-profit organisations by providing low cost merchant accounts or reduced transaction fees, and there are others that donate their profits to charity.

Examples of these are:

  • CashFlows Charity Merchant Account - CashFlows provides merchant accounts to a large range of non-profit organisations including all registered charities, hospitals, schools, theatre groups, parent-teacher organisations and more. There are no set up fees or recurring charges and it is the charity’s name that appears on the donor’s statement.
  • Charity Clear Payment Gateway - Charity Clear donates all of its profits to charity. It is owned by Epilepsy Scotland. For non profit organisations which have a merchant account, Charity Clear claims to be able to integrate with it, and for those that don’t it offers to provide one at competitive rates. It is a fully professional payment gateway service and the payment gateway fees are £18 a month which includes 350 transactions. There is also a lower cost choice of £10 a month which includes 50 transactions.
  • LWD Internet - LWD Internet has price breaks for all UK registered charities. The main benefit is there are no set-up or recurring fees and credit card transaction fees are competitively priced at £2.7%.
  • Blackbaud – Blackbaud provides many services for charities including merchant and payment services. It provides an easily integrated end to end service; prices are available on request.
  • PayPalPayPal provides a non-for-profit account. As with all PayPal accounts there are no set-up fees or recurring charges, however discounted pricing is offered to all registered charities. Before UK non-profit organisations can receive the reduced rates they need to receive official approval, however the discounts are considerable. The standard PayPal charge is 3.4% + £0.20 a transaction; for charities the reduced rate is just 1.4% + £0.20 a transaction, a price reduction of almost 60%.

Free card payment machines

For customer-present sales non-profit organisations need a PDQ machine as well as a merchant account. There are some merchant service providers who offer free chip and pin machines to charities. An example is Salamander Giving which also offers charities competitive processing charges; however they provide pricing information on request, so it is important to do a cost comparison with other providers.

Compare Non-Profit Merchant Accounts Today

There are a number of special merchant account deals for non-profit organisations, but it is important to examine all the implications before you commit to one; not all deals are really as good as they might seem. If you would like help in finding a merchant account for your non profit organisation, please complete the quote form and we will get back to you today with free no-obligation quotes.

Comparing quotes with Approved Index is free, quick and easy, and it could save your business as much as 40%.

Find a Merchant Account for your Non-Profit Organisation