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Paysafe Merchant Services Review


Paysafe are an award winning merchant service provider with a wealth of experience in the field. Providing a range of payment solutions, including payment gateways, digital payment methods and card issuing, they have products and services relating to just about every part of merchant services.

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Products and Services

Paysafe offer solutions across a full range of merchant account products and services and as such are likely to provide something for most businesses.

These include:

  • Online Payments
  • Card Payments
  • Digital Wallets

Online Payments

Paysafe are at the cutting edge of merchant service technologies so it is no surprise to find that their online payment system is one of the most efficient and highly secure.

As online payments encompass all sectors of businesses that require internet payments, their highly customisable system is highly regarded by customers and industry insiders alike.

Card Payments

Paysafe card services are used in over 200 countries worldwide, making them one of the most global of merchant services. This is important for any internationally trading company, particularly large businesses.

Their white label (co-branded) card services are of sufficiently high quality that they are linked to Mastercard and prepaid cards are BIN (Bank Identification Number) supported as well as fully compliant with industry standards.

Digital Wallets

Paysafe provide digital wallet products and services of the highest quality. The very cutting edge of merchant technology, this is the fastest growing payment method in the world and is considered by nearly all to be the future of most forms of transaction.

Digital wallets refers to payments that can be made through electronic devices, such as a mobile phone, and can be used online or in person. Although the technology is not universal, digital wallet readers are becoming more and more common. The more popular a payment method becomes, the more likely it is to be targeted by fraudsters so Paysafe’s high level of security is essential for customers and merchants alike.


As Paysafe are a somewhat unique merchant service provider, with innovative methods and flexible options, they provide specific benefits to their customers that few can match.

These include:

  • High Levels of Support
  • High Quality Security
  • Flexibility

High Levels of Support

As payment technology innovation is fast moving and ever changing, it is not possible for most to keep track of the high level of transformation in the industry. Most merchants would much rather focus their attentions on the running of their business than understand the ins and outs of the products and services they employ from merchant services.

For this reason it is vital that the service you employ is able to provide a high level of support so as not to encounter long term issues in the future.

Paysafe provide full support for all their products and services meaning should you encounter any problems, in either the short or long term, they can help guide you in the right direction.

High Quality Security

As previously touched upon, security is essential when choosing a merchant service provider as fraud can be crippling to companies of all shapes and sizes. Not only do Paysafe provide industry compliant security standards, they are of PCI DSS Level 1 standard and as such provide the uppermost security to their clients.

For online payments in particular, Paysafe gateways are of extremely high quality, something that is essential to maintain online transactions as customers are increasingly aware of the dangers of online payments and data security.


Flexibility is important for many businesses and the greater the flexibility, the more likely the merchant service provider is able to meet the needs of their clients. Payment flexibility is often overlooked by even the most renowned providers but Safepay provide billing options to most.

Account management is also highly adaptable, allowing for an impressive level of customisation as well as transparency for the running of your business.