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Santander Merchant Services Review

Santander Merchant Services

One of the world’s largest banks, Santander provide a range of products and services for large and small businesses alike. Merchant services are targeted towards small to medium sized enterprises (SME) and are offered in conjunction with two specialists, Elavon and iZettle.

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Products and Services

Because they use companies who are experts in their field, Santander provides cutting edge electronic payment methods with the utmost convenience for both business and customer. Elavon provide card readers of all kinds as well as Apple Pay and contactless transactions, while iZettle provides smartphone payments technology for the greatest flexibility and convenience:

  • Countertop Card Readers
  • Portable Card Readers
  • Phone Transactions
  • Online Transactions
  • Mobile Card Readers

Countertop Card Readers

Although countertop card readers are the most reliable of all electronic payment devices, not all provide as intuitive a design as the one that Elavon has manufactured for Santander. While it is simple to use, it is also of high enough quality to suit most sectors perfectly. For the hospitality sector, the ease of use allows for a more efficient service and retail businesses will find features that are well suited to cover all but the very largest or complex of ventures.

Portable Card Readers

Portable devices are vital to the running of certain businesses, in particular the restaurant sector, and Santander provide portable card readers that are sturdy and reliable across large distances. The battery life is long enough to last throughout the working day and evening, even in the busiest of businesses, and the Bluetooth signal, that almost all portable card readers use, is powerful enough to provide a high level of reliablity.

Phone Transactions

Phone transactions are still the backbone of many businesses so providing the best possible way to deal with customer orders in this manner can be vital. Elavon’s virtual terminal allows for payments to be processed anywhere with an Internet connection or via card reader, allowing for the utmost convenience and efficiency, even for businesses who do not operate from static premises.

Online Transactions

Online payments have become a must for nearly all businesses in the 21st century, so providing a simple and efficient method of payment via the Internet is essential. Santander allows you to combine your online payment options with your website provider, meaning you need only deal with one supplier. Other than the convenience of one bill, this can also be an advantage when dealing with the technical issues that can occur with these services.

Mobile Card Reader

Mobile card readers are one of the fastest growing payment methods in the UK. This is partly due to the fact it uses satellite coverage, the same way as you mobile phone or GPS might use, whose coverage is almost complete throughout the country.

iZettle have designed a mobile card acceptance terminal that can be reliably used to take payments in or outdoors. As a mobile device this is cutting edge, allowing for contactless card reading, tablets and smartphone payments. Most devices are suitable for use with the highly portable terminal and, although the technology is relatively new, security measures are highly regarded in the industry, fully complying with PCI DSS standards.


Support and advice is crucial when it comes to something as important as merchant services. Many small businesses may not have the technical knowhow to deal with the ever-changing nature of this type of technology.

Both companies, Elavon and iZettle, provide full support for all their customers. Fully trained engineers will install your device for free for all types of card readers and online services. Both companies are fully trained to deal with any technical issues you might encounter with your specific equipment and security fully comply to PCI DSS standards.

Payments should be received within one working day from Elavon card terminals and three working days from iZettle, straight into your Santander account. Should payments be delayed you can contact Santander to seek further advice.