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Taking Wireless Payments with a Mobile Card Machine

Accepting card payments using mobile credit card machines allows businesses to trade throughout the United Kingdom, in fact anywhere with mobile phone connectivity. This is the ideal for solution for businesses that work on the move such as taxi firms and take away deliveries; for businesses that work away from fixed premises such as tradespeople and market traders; and for trade shows, exhibitions and fairs.

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There are two ways in which businesses can accept wireless card payments. These are using a dedicated mobile PDQ machine, or with a mobile card reader that plugs into a smartphone.

Mobile Card Reader and Smartphone

wireless payments

With a mobile card reader and smartphone, you can take smartphone credit card payments anywhere you have access to a data network or a Wi-Fi Internet connection. Card readers are light and portable, around the same size as a modern smartphone and processing payments is simple, convenient and secure.

Usually the card reader plugs into a mobile phone through the headphone socket, and you will need to install a mobile phone app. You can purchase a card reader that is compatible with Android phones, Windows phones and iPhones from several companies. However the easiest and often the cheapest solution is to choose a mobile credit card processing provider that offers an integrated package that includes a mobile card reader and merchant services.

Usually, just as with any other card processing service you will need a merchant account, however some mobile card processing services will send payments directly to a current account, though payments may be delayed for several days.

Pricing varies, though typically fees are 2.7% a transaction but can be higher, possibly as much as 3.7%, if card details are keyed in rather than swiped. You will also have to pay for your mobile phone data connection.

Dedicated Mobile PDQ Chip and Pin Machine

A dedicated mobile PDQ chip and pin machine is similar to a countertop PDQ machine or portable credit card reader. The difference is that it connects to your card processing services through a GPRS data connection (3G or 4G) or through Wi-Fi.

To take payments you need a merchant account just as you would if you were taking payments using a counter top PDQ terminal, the advantage being that you can take them anywhere you have network coverage.

Dedicated mobile PDQ machines are larger than card readers that connect to mobile phones, but they are still light and convenient to use, and you only need a single gadget rather than two. They also incorporate printers and have an extended battery life that will power if for at least a full day of intensive activity. Many models incorporate a facility for making contactless payments.

Typically, transaction costs start around 2.7% though mobile credit card machine rental costs can be attractive, starting around £3.00 a week including data charges. Alternatively, machines cost upwards from £170 to buy outright, but then you have to pay for your data charges separately. Typically minimum contract terms are 12 months.

Compare Wireless Payment Options Today

Taking wireless payments using a GPRS wireless chip and pin machine or with a mobile credit card reader connected to a smartphone is an attractive solution for businesses that operate on the move. While costs can be a little higher than other solutions, they are more than made up for by the extra sales merchants can make by offering their customers a mobile payment service.

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Comparing quotes with Approved Index is free, quick and easy, and it could save you as much as 40%.

Let Approved Index help you find the best Merchant Account.