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Worldpay Merchant Services Review

Worldpay Merchant Services

Worldpay are one of the fastest growing merchant service providers in the UK, with more than 450 new customers joining daily. With a specific focus on small and medium sized enterprises (SME), they currently process more than 25 million transactions per day, making them one of the most trusted companies in the industry.

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Products and Services

Worldpay offer a full range of merchant products and services, meaning their clients can access everything they need, including full 24/7 support, from one place. These include:

  • Card Machines
  • Online Payments
  • Phone Payments

Card Machines

Card machines come in three types, desktop, portable and mobile, all of which are available from Worldpay. Desktop card machines are suitable for various sectors and payment methods and with contactless payment options, Worldpay provide a cutting edge product that makes each transaction as efficient as possible, through a secure gateway.

Portable devices are extremely well suited to the hospitality industry, particularly restaurants, as they use Bluetooth technology to enable table services. While this can be convenient for both business and customer, it is important the device is of high enough quality to work consistently. Worldpay portable card machines are very highly regarded by those in the industry for their ease of use, reliability and durability.

Mobile card machines have become more reliable in recent years due to improvements in satellite technology. This is vital for those that require such equipment as a faulty device will often lead to large losses of income for the outdoor traders who use it. Worldpay have produced a dependable device that is well suited to all open-air merchants.

Online Payments

There are two main means of online card payment, as well as alternative methods, that Worldpay provides to their clients, meaning most potential customers are able to make online payments conveniently.

Card payments can be processed through integrated or hosted pay pages. Integrated pay pages means Worldpay will process the payment through their system, so you need not deal with the technical side of online transactions, allowing you to focus on the running of your business. Hosted pay pages require you to process the payment yourself, while the page links each transaction to your online shopping basket.

Alternative payment methods, such as Paypal, are also provided through the service and a broad spectrum of each can be merged to provide a variety of platforms to suit most potential customers.

Phone Payments

Worldpay provide one of the most effective and flexible phone payment systems in the industry. With standard card payments made easy with their intuitive card machines, transactions are swift and efficiently processed. What sets Worldpay apart from many providers, however, is their virtual terminal, which allows you to process phone payments anywhere with access to the Internet.

Pros and Cons

All merchant service providers have advantages and disadvantages due to the fact that their clients often require vastly different things. This, as well as problems associated with less reputable providers, means that researching the subject thoroughly is vital for getting the most out of the service. The best providers, such as Worldpay, should be able to advise you appropriately.

Why Choose Worldpay?

Worldpay have created a simple yet comprehensive set of products and services that will suit nearly all businesses. Each device is reliable and able to cope with the physical stresses of industries such as restaurants and bars. Bluetooth connections and battery life for portable devices all compare favourably to other similar machines, while remaining affordable for even smaller businesses.

Security is something of an issue for all businesses seeking to use electronic payment devices or online payments but, as you might expect Worldpay provide cutting edge security software and gateways with their SaferPayments program. This helps each of their clients to become PCI DSS compliant, an industry standard in data protection. Worldpay are well equipped to deal with any business, whether it be an SME or a large company trading internationally.