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Network Installation Prices

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Network Installation Basics

Networks will usually consist of workstations, a server, cables and sockets, at least one switch and possibly one or more routers. Workstations will need appropriate software, and will have to be configured. Other items such as printers and scanners can also be added to the network.

Networks are designed to ensure that maximum efficiency is achieved in connecting your computers, and there are many options to help achieve the right one for your budget. Hiring a professional network installation company to design and implement the netwrork for you can save you the hassle of having to choose whether you require Ethernet, Gigagbit-Ethernet or Token-ring networks, and whether ISDN, ADSL or lease-lined is the best Internet connection for you. Furthermore, it can help you ensure that your network can cope with the demands of your business, and even assist you in the choice of software and licensing.

Find out what services are included in your network installation. These can include cable installation, hardware delivery, installation, configuration and testing, software delivery and installation, internet access and configuration, training, backup procedures and the transferral of existing data. In addition, some companies' portfolios include category 5e, category 6, category 6a, fibre optic installation, termination and maintenance, voice cabling, wireless network and laser links.

Network Installation Prices

Whilse you can find a home network range for between £150 and £200, depending on whether the network is wireless or not, for an office network, this price rises to above £250. For this £250, which can include a £50 line activation charge and free broadband for the first month, you can buy a multi-user network. The cost covers the internet connection, an ADSL modem/router, ADSL microfilters, and one or two computers configured for web access with Cat 5e cables (patch leads or cabled to sockets).

The price of an office broadband wireless network is around £300. The price includes all of the features in the office network installation above, and also allows up to 20 computers to be configured to share the internet connection. There are further tailored options which you can add to your network. Each extra computer cabled will cost around £25, and an extra wireless computer added is £30. Microfilters are priced at £2 each, and a print server with 1 USB port is £35. A print server with 2 USB ports is £55. You can expect to pay £70 for an ADSL modem/router.

The standard monthly charge for Internet packages for varies between £19.95 for business, and £39.95. For network switches, a 4 port switch will cost around £10, an 8 port switch is £15, a 16 port switch is £30 and a 24 port switch is £60.

For 1 metre CAT 5e patch leads (RJ45 Head – RJ45 Head), the price will be around £2, increasing to £5 for a 3 metre lead and £7 for a 5 metre lead. In addition to this, you can also buy CAT 5e cable sockets. For a RJ45 head to RJ45 socket, prices start at approximately £18 for up to 10 metres. It will cost around £25 for up to 10 metres for RJ45 socket to RJ45 socket, and a RJ45 patch bay to RJ45 socket/head is £20. CAT 5e extra to this is charged at £3 per metre. Also, in terms of cables and splitters, you can find a data link cable for around £3.20. Network splitters can vary between £3.40 and £6.50, antenna cables cost around £33, and a fibre optic cable is around £24.

Alternatively, as a general guide to network installation including cabling, you can expect to pay around £499 (not including VAT) for a small, complete network of up to 5 points. This increases to £899 for up to 10 points, £1299 for up to 15 points, and £1599 for up to points. For any additional points, including cabling, it will cost around £89 for one to four points.

Network Installation Support Prices

Once your network has been installed, you may want to pay for additional support packages. This is advisable for smaller networks and is a cost effective way of ensuring reliable support. Prices for these can vary between £200 and £800 depending on the amount of support you expect you will need. In addition, you can choose to extend or top-up the support package which you buy.

The support you receive can include a call out to a workstation for the space of one hour, which can cost between £34 and £40. An additional half hour further to this hour call out can then vary between £51 and £60. A call out to a server will cost between £51 and £60, and an additional half hour to this will be between £34 and £50. Remote support, such as remote workstation support is priced between £17 and £25 per half hour. This increases to between £34 and £50 for a half hour remote server support. Telephone support can also be found for around £20 per hour, or may come free with any support package you purchase.

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