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As WiFi-enabled services like notebooks and mobile phones become more popular, choosing the right WiFi installation package for a business is increasingly important. Speeds and performance have come a long way since the technology was introduced in the 1990s, so when browsing for devices it is necessary to make sure an office's access points support them.

Installing business broadband is, more or less, essential now in the modern working world - without it, your company is sure to struggle.

As well as providing basic access to websites and apps - and anything else you would normally use the internet for - business broadband allows your business to make use of technologies that require this kind of access: merchant accounts, for example, EPOS systems and VoIP phones all need internet access to operate.

For more information on Wifi installation, simply continue reading this page; for even more information about business needs though, you should visit our dedicated business broadband page. Otherwise, if you are ready to compare suppliers today, just fill in the form at the top of the page.

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Wifi Installation

Optimised WiFi installation will take note of devices that could cause possible interference, such as wireless telephones, video senders and so on. WiFi installation should be performed away from metal objects such as filing cabinets and should be as high as possible. Choosing the correct WiFi antenna depends on what range is required, although it is recommended that you choose a greater range than needed.

Security should also be a concern when choosing WiFi installation. Several encryption technologies exist to improve security on WiFi networks, and as WEP has been proven to be less secure than it was originally hoped, most WiFi installations will come with the more secure WPA encryption instead.

A well designed and implemented wired network is essential for the effective communication and data handling of many companies. Sometimes however, access to network points can’t be expanded or isn’t suitable for a particular working environment. Staff might need to move around frequently or a temporary workspace might be required with no time for a wired solution. In these cases a secure wireless network provides all the same connectivity without the hassle of staying near fixed network points.

Wireless network installation companies can design, install, troubleshoot and maintain a WiFi network for companies of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need a wireless network for the convenience of guests and visitors, for meeting rooms or for temporary work locations, Approved Index can help you find the right supplier for the project.

Wireless Network Options

There are several scales on which wireless networks can be implemented, each suitable for different purposes:

  • Point-to-point links: For data transmission between two points along a line of sight. Used by companies to communicate with exterior, nearby (within a few miles) data centres where the cost or inconvenience of cable laying is prohibitive. Commonly done with 60 or 80GHz radio waves but laser technology can also be employed.
  • Point-to-multipoint links: Provides transmission between one main data hub and several other points in the same manner as above. The signal is divided up into time slots to allow several open communications channels to be used simultaneously.
  • Enterprise WLAN: A wireless network which covers a whole building. WLANs allow staff to move anywhere in the building and remain connected to the network. Especially popular in creative industries or where hot-desking is employed.
  • Hotspots: These provide a self-contained wireless network in a specific part of a building or external location to provide internet access to guests or visitors.

Wireless Network Installation Companies

Choosing a company to design and install your wireless network solution is an important task and should be approached with care. Ensure the company you’re employing has significant experience of installing similar solutions and that they provide plenty of after sales care for fixing problems. Testimonials from previous clients or case studies from previous jobs can often be found on the suppliers’ websites. Official partnerships with well known technology brands attest to their standing within the industry.

Wireless Network Installation Quotes

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