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Moneysoft Payroll Manager

Moneysoft Payroll Manager Review

An easy to use software, Moneysoft RTI Payroll Manager has successfully helped 30,000 UK clients submit four million submissions. This software has built a reputation for ease-of-use and reliability, with a versatility rarely found in other software programs—making Moneysoft one of the most widely employed payroll and tax software providers on the market today.

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Comparing quotes with Approved Index is free, quick and easy and it could save you as much as 40% on your payroll service costs.

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Payroll Services

Moneysoft Payroll Manager software sets itself apart with RTI (real time information) and Auto Enrolment as standard in the annual fee. P11d Expenses and Benefits, CIS, and CIS 300 returns and subcontractor verifications can also be filed online at no extra cost. In addition, free monthly software updates and email support ensure that there are never any hidden costs. Starting at £60 + VAT, the client will be equipped with a year's service Payroll Management License for a single company—and a Payroll Management License for multiple companies starts at only £120 + VAT. All of the major pay elements are covered, such as Student Loans, Pensions, Childcare, and Attachments, and each client can define his or her own additions and deductions. Moneysoft Payroll Manager can even produce payslips once the calculations are completed.


Payslips can be printed, or saved as a pdf and emailed to the client's employees. Moneysoft can print onto plain paper or pre-printed stationary, in an assortment of different layouts. Moneysoft does not sell any pre-printed slips, instead choosing to handle all aspects—even the acquisition of the software—via the Internet.

RTI Submissions

An RTI Schedule displays the returns that are due in an organised fashion, and upon their due dates, one click will send the RTI submissions to HMRC.


Payroll reports are also simplified with Moneysoft Payroll Manager software. These reports can be produced for a specific time frame or the whole year. The client can choose from various layouts so interpreting the information is never a struggle.

Adding an Employee

Adding an employee is also made easy with the Employee Wizard feature that guides the client throughout the whole process. With a few details, this feature will help you to determine the NI table letter and correct tax code. Two settings control the employee’s payment: the amount and the frequency of payment, then further information can be added at a later time.

Auto Enrolment

The Auto Enrolment feature will help the client assess his or her workforce, and can even automatically produce letters explaining vital information. Auto Enrolment can also help the client determine an employee and employer contributions, then produce CSV files that are tailored for more than twenty different pension providers.

Who Moneysoft Payroll Manager Benefits

Moneysoft Payroll Manager is perfect for start up companies and small businesses who lack the resources to hire professional accountant firms, yet want a simple solution to managing Payroll. On one screen, you can input your employees pay rates—whether they are paid hourly, daily, or on salary. Small businesses can now record and manage their own client's sick days, holidays, and parenting leave, freeing up valuable time to run the small business. Moneysoft Payroll Manager can also be a valuable asset for large businesses and corporations, cutting needless expenditures, and freeing up staff to focus on more important matters.

Technical Support is Always Available

In addition to the “wizard” guides built in to the software, and the support pages that are available, free email support is constantly available, with a guarantee that your email will be answered within 24 hours. In addition, a Moneysoft support staff is available via telephone. Be warned that the lines get very busy and occasionally some calls may not get answered, thus the support pages and emails are also recommended.

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Comparing quotes with Approved Index is free, quick and easy and it could save you as much as 40% on your payroll service costs.

Compare Payroll Service & Software Quotes Today With Approved Index.


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