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Sage Payroll Software

Sage Payroll Software Review

Sage are one of the most trusted brands in enterprise resource planning software, ranking as the world's third-largest supplier behind Oracle and SAP. With 24 offices around the world, and servicing 6.1 million customers internationally, Sage is the largest supplier of financial software to small businesses. They have recently crafted their latest accomplishment, the Sage 50 Payroll RTI Edition—intuitive HMRC-recognised payroll software that complies with all the latest payroll legislation, such as RTI and Automatic Enrolment.

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Payroll Services

1 in 4 UK employees are paid using Sage payroll software, which can not only service in-house payroll for those hands-on clients, but also offers a unique outsource service. The intuitive interface allows for weekly and monthly payroll processing. Providing a P32 Employer payment record can be easily generated, showing the total payments made to HMRC, for both the most recent month and/or quarter. Pay runs can be processed in under 5 minutes. Most beneficial is perhaps that the software has a built in RTI Centre with an RTI Data Health Check Tool as well as a Show Me How Tool, providing helpful instructional videos.

Other features include:

  • Automatically updated with the latest legislation
  • Client can submit their payroll data online to HMRC
  • Keep an up to date record of all your employees; managing starters and leavers
  • Automatically calculates tax, NI and statutory deductions
  • Print pay slips and P60s for client and employees
  • Run reports easily
  • A variety of support packages to suit the needs of your business
  • Processing pensions
  • Process Statutory Sick (SSP)
  • Maternity (SMP) and Paternity (OSPP, ASPP)
  • Adoption (SAP) pay
  • Manage salary sacrifice deductions such as Cycling to Work, and Health Care Vouchers

Up-to-date HMRC Information

All the latest payroll legislation is updated instantaneously to give the client the latest information in real time, such as workplace pension reform, thus ensuring the client is HMRC compliant.

Inbuilt RTI Centre

This service offers the client the ability to instantly access a wealth of information and customer support when needed, ensuring the client is RTI compliant and avoiding future complications.

RTI Data Health Check Tool

This tool not only checks your data to make sure that it is up to date, but can also spot errors and even provide solutions with just one click, removing the tedious task of keeping informed as to the latest RTI legislation, and freeing up time for the employer.

Show Me How Tool

Embedded in the software itself are also informative videos that educate the client as to the proper means of employing every aspect of Sage Payroll Software, so the client never feels that he or she is lost. Simply click on the Show Me How Tool and a video will begin to instruct the client.

Hassle Free Payroll, Pay Slips, and Reports

This feature automatically calculates wages, and gives the client the freedom to set up and customise deductions. In addition, payroll reports can be printed in a variety of layouts so you can quickly make sense of your data. Also, sending pay slips to an employee is easily delivered to their phone, computer, or home address. There is a minuscule fee attached to each transaction.

Outsource Services

Outsource services offer larger companies a choice of outsourced payroll administration that is either fully managed, partly managed, or simply bureau services, giving the client their choice of how much responsibility, if any, they wish to outsource.

Who Sage Payroll Software Benefits

Sage One Payroll is designed for 1-15 employees. Each software platform is designed to adapt as each business grows, whether or not the client is familiar with Sage software. Sage 50 Payroll is designed for businesses with fewer than 500 employees. This is the software that is used by over half of UK small businesses in order to submit their payroll to the HMRC. Furthermore, the Sage 50 P11D Payroll Software specialises in taxable benefits, such as company cars and medical insurance. Here calculations are automated and easily submitted to HMRC.

For larger, enterprise-sized UK companies, Sage SnowdropKCS Payroll offers an in-house software, or the Sage SnowdropKCS Payroll Outsource Services, freeing up workforce assets to concentrate on other matters.

SageCover Support

In addition to the Show Me How Tool, which shows instructional videos on any aspect of Sage Payroll Software, Sage offers SageCover Support. This Award-winning feature enables a UK-based technical support staff to ensure that the client is legislatively compliant. There is, however, a 2 pence per minute phone charge in addition to any charges your phone service provider may offer. Any questions can be also submitted by email free of charge, and Sage guarantees a response within 24 hours.

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