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SAP Payroll Software

SAP Payroll Software

SAP SE is a multinational corporation that produces enterprise software in 37 languages, helping their clients manage business operations and customer relations. Based in Waldorf, Germany, the company currently holds regional offices in 130 countries, and services 293,500 customers in 190 countries. In 1975, five IBM employees had been working on enterprise software for several years, when IBM gained the rights to Xerox's enterprise software. Instead of abandoning their work, these five software engineers left IBM to found SAP.

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SAP HR and Payroll Software is a cloud-based system. This works to increase the efficiency in transfer of information, and plan and execute strategies based on the individual talents of the client's staff. Embedded within the software are programs to produce reports and analytics, helping administration to focus on supporting their business strategies with value-added activities. The cloud also streamlines and simplifies global payroll, increasing ROI, and connects different departments within any given business. Instead of hardware and information technology staff, the information is held on outside servers, and organised into easily accessible and interpreted information. It also allows employees improved access to the system, avoiding needless bureaucracy.

  • Organisational Management
  • Payroll
  • Contingent Workforce Management
  • HR Administration
  • Benefits
  • Service Centre

Organisational Management

This feature is able to analyse current organisation structures, then develop accurate modelling with up-to-date analytics for all employees to access. These models help to adapt quickly to changes and increase efficiency. The SAP cloud-based management software can support interactive organisational management processes, increasing productivity of workforce collaboration.


This global workforce platform consolidates HR and payroll operations without disrupting normal functions. Regardless of the size of a client's business, this cloud-based software feature allows direct access to applications that fully manage operations.

Contingent Workforce Management

This cloud-based feature enables management to easily access information regarding internal employees and contingent workforce, so as to better assess strengths, faults, and gaps in workforce talent. HR are then able to access this information and make necessary adjustments.

HR Administration

Via the cloud, core HR administration and payroll operations are fully connected and integrated systems with SAP SuccessFactors. This helps to streamline processes and transactions, in effect boosting employee self-services and HR managerial efficiency.


Benefits help to increase employee retention and stay competitive as an employer. SAP software empowers employees with the ability to file claims and track their status with an intuitive interface. Meanwhile, administrators can manage enrolment rules, and configure or maintain benefits and entitlements.

Service Centre

Employees have the ability to submit requests and gain responses with ease via the Service Centre Solutions feature of SAP SuccessFactors. HR services become more accessible, linking employees and service providers through logging into a single platform—instead of needing to access multiple systems to answer employee queries.

Pros and Cons of SAP Software

For all the increased connectivity of could-based software, a successful switch takes a lot of planning, organisation, training and communication. Everyone in the workforce (HR Staff, Department Heads, Employees...etc.) must be on the same page, or implementation can be fraught with frustration and conflict. In addition, vendors constant upgrades to cloud software can lead to more problems.

However, the fact remains that cloud-based enterprise software frees up hardware and information technology staff required. Also, cloud-based software like SAP takes about half the time to deploy and users tend to like its interface. Only a small minority (7%) actively regret their decision to upgrade to the cloud—compared to the half that describe their experience of the service favourably.


SAP offers several different support and maintenance plans ranging. There are several outlets available through their website where you can report issues, search knowledge base, download software, request license keys and check for upgrades. In addition, SAP offers three packages: SAP Enterprise Support assigns the client a support team, SAP ActiveEmbedding includes—in addition to the support team—an on-site global team of engineers, and SAP MaxAttention includes the previous two teams, as well as a co-innovation/co-value realisation strategic adviser that helps to boost efficiency and minimise costs when switching over and implementing the new cloud-based SAP enterprise software.

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Comparing quotes with Approved Index is free, quick and easy and it could save you as much as 40% on your payroll costs.

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