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Welcome to Approved Photocopiers, the leading online buyer's tool for comparing quotes to lease or buy from the top Photocopier Suppliers based in the UK. Our pre-approved companies offer digital, laser and colour photocopiers from leading brands.

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A time honoured labour saving device and ubiquitous symbol of the modern workplace, wherever business is done you’ll find a photocopier. Unfortunately, the sheer number of available brands and models of photocopier can make choosing one for your business a chore. Luckily, help is at hand: Approved Photocopiers provides a shortcut through the photocopier wilderness to the promised land of affordable photocopier machines for your business.

Choosing a Photocopier

Almost all modern photocopiers are digital, combining a scanner and laserjet printer. This versatile set up can come in almost any size with a number of additional features to suit your needs. The most important aspect of choosing a photocopier is therefore working out what you need a copier to do and matching a machine to those requirements.

As well as basic black and white copying, modern photocopiers can also incorporate the following features:

  • Colour copying
  • Scanning to network or email
  • Duplex printing
  • Sorting, stapling, hole punching, folding or binding
  • Image editing
  • Integration with document management software

Deciding which features you can and can’t live without helps to reduce the number of potential photocopiers to a manageable set of options.

  • Whether you’re a first time buyer or you’re replacing your existing copier, Photocopiers: A Buyer’s Guide can help you decide what is and isn’t essential for your office.
  • If you’ve no idea what your budget should be Photocopier Prices can help you work out what kind of machine is affordable for you.
  • Meanwhile, Photocopiers: FAQs and Misconceptions deals with the most common concerns we hear from photocopier buyers.

Choosing a Photocopier Payment Method

Just as important as choosing the right machine is choosing the right way to pay for it. Buying a large photocopier can require a substantial investment of capital which might be better employed elsewhere. On the other hand a small or mid-sized copier might not be the kind of thing you want to have to pay for over 4 or 5 years.

The following options are all available:

  • Lease Rental
  • Lease purchase
  • Rental
  • Outright purchase

If you’re struggling to decide between the different options or need a better idea of what each entails and what to look out for, Office Photocopiers: Lease, Rent or Purchase? can help set you straight.

Choosing a Photocopier Supplier

A digital photocopier is a sensitive and sophisticated piece of equipment with finely calibrated moving parts and sensors. As such, there’s a lot of scope for things to go wrong. A good after sales service can be the difference between a smoothly running photocopier heaven and a deadline ruining, toner spattered photocopier hell.

A full photocopier service contract will offer:

  • Regular servicing and maintenance
  • Breakdown cover including parts and labour
  • Consumables

The service contract is usually priced based on your usage of the photocopier (i.e. number of copies per month). Various frequencies of service and call out response times are offered by different suppliers.

Whether you're looking to rent, lease or buy a photocopier, Approved Index allows you to compare up to four leading UK photocopier suppliers by filling out just one simple form. Get free, no obligation quotes today and find your ideal photocopier solution at a price that's right.

Get Quotes from Photocopier Suppliers

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