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A3 Laser Printer - Rental & Hire Costs 2018

A3 Laser Printer Hire

Business owners always need to consider carefully the functionality and equipment they need when making purchases or hiring. Indeed, without proper consideration it is very possible for large amounts of money to spent out on equipment or services that are not needed or not quite right.

This article will take a detailed look at how to rent, lease or hire an A3 colour laser printer in the UK, while also bearing in mind extra considerations such as account maintenance, toner costs, contract lengths and printing speeds. Think of this guide as a handy online reference for when you are looking to lease an A3 multifunction copier.

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Benefits of hiring an A3 Laser Printer

There are numerous benefits to opt for hiring over buying when looking at an A3 laser printer for the office.

Cost savings

If you’ve looked into the cost of purchasing a high-quality A3 colour laser printer, you’ll know that they don’t come cheap, with models retailing at anywhere between £200 and £1,200. This is of course an upfront fee.

However, when leasing an A3 printer, you can negotiate very buget-friendly fees and rates. Add to this a free upgrade to the latest machine when available and you can see that there are immediate cost benefit to hiring rather than buying. Think of it like a mobile phone: you wouldn’t pay £600+ each year for the new model, but rather a monthly fee that allows you to still have the phone and upgrade when necessary so long as the rental company retains your business.

Short-term leasing

There are a wide variety of UK businesses providing A3 laser printers for hire and most rental periods generally start at around three days, with long-term leases available. If needed, you can rent a copier for a period of years to spread the cost if so inclined.

Leasing as and when you need the photocopier not only offers direct financial benefits, but also cuts budget spend on paper, toner, etc all year round, as well as higher insurance rates for keeping the machine onsite 24/7.

Inclusive fees

Another benefit of monthly rental fees is that they typically cover both maintenance issues and replacement toner cartridges. This can quickly boost your savings, especially if you plan on short and intensive usage.

Upgrade as you grow

A final benefit to hiring an A3 photocopier is the ability to upgrade as your business grows. As mentioned above, the flexibility of such hire contracts makes it easier to upgrade your machine to a more powerful printer-copier if needed.

Renting a Photocopier offers more flexibility, more choice and more savings than buying one


Hiring options

There are many options available with regards to hiring an A3 colour laser printer with specific features. Some of the more important to consider include:

  • Colour or monochrome printing
  • The capability of the device to process non-standard paper formats
  • Connectivity capabilities to connect the printer to an office network
  • Variable printing speed

When hiring, it’s also worth finding out what kind of maintenance support is offered by the supplier, as well as the price of toner and ink.

Hire costs

Naturally enough, the cost of hiring a printer – whether you’re after an HP A3 laser printer or some other model – depends on the specifications of the machine. The more advanced, powerful or feature rich the copier, the more it will most likely cost.

The length of the hire period is another crucial factor. Should you wish to hire a monochrome A3 laser printer for a short spell – e.g. seven days or less – you will be looking at £30+. A colour machine, meanwhile, will start from around £40. If you’re after the very best A3 laser printer, you can expect to pay more.

If you’re looking to hire for a longer period, a year perhaps, then you can expect to pay around £25 per month for the privilege, with the price inclusive of a number of free copies. A colour model, meanwhile, can cost upwards of £35 per month.

Certain contracts also specify that you must hit a minimum print level each month, though most suppliers’ websites offer free quotation services, which should help you compare prices as you shop around.


As with every purchase, you should be mindful and know exactly what it is you are paying for.

Find out what’s included in the hire price before signing on the dotted line. While some contracts are inclusive of maintenance and toner costs, others are not. Certain models entail high toner costs, so it’s certainly worthwhile shopping around and getting an idea of the best A3 laser printers on the market.

Perhaps you’re hiring because your business has an urgent need for a printer, or perhaps it’s to process paperwork during a busy season. Whatever the reason, it’s good to have an idea of how long you will need the printer for.

It’s also important to know whether the supplier will send an engineer out to repair your hire printer if it breaks down. If not, you could be without a printer in the short-term. Lastly, remember to clarify whether the supplier will charge you extra for ending the hire contract early.

Next steps

Hopefully this article has clearly broken down the key considerations to make when hiring A3 colour or mono laser printers.

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