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Canon vs Sharp Photocopiers for Business

When it comes to photocopiers, two brands manage to receive an ample share of the limelight— Canon and Sharp. Both brands have topped every best photocopiers list in the UK due to their extensive ranges. If you’re trying to decide which copier brand to go for, read this comparison that we’ve come up with.

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Canon is an industry leader, which is why its photocopiers fly off the shelves. In addition, it has recently joined forces with Rank Xerox (the joint venture of US-based Xerox and the UK’s own Rank Organisation). As a result, Canon can easily help with maintenance and repair by supplying machine parts.

Top Canon Photocopiers

When it comes to the photocopiers by Canon, three lines stand out prominently:

  • i-SENSYS – The models of this line are multifunctional laser machines which scan, fax and print as well as copy. They usually have network-ready functionality and can save your time by double-sided printing.
  • PIXMA – Unlike laser printing i-SNSYS models, PIXMA are inkjet all-in-one copiers. They boost productivity through quick document handling and prevent ink waste. Models of this line also come with Autofix software which reduces the number of badly printed copies at your offices.
  • imageRUNNER – imageRunner is a line of colour printers. They are perfect for high copying needs but don’t take up too much space.

Why Canon Photocopiers?

There are many reasons why many businesses choose Canon for their offices:

  • Better Functionality – The photocopiers come with numerous applications which enhance the quality of your copies and prints.
  • Good Quality for High Volume – Canon can produce high-quality documents and images at a high speed.
  • Energy Savings – Canon uses different technology, such as Genuine Toner, to ensure low electrical consumption. As a result, it is also perfect for green companies.
  • User Friendly Interface – The copiers are easier to understand and operate.


Sharp is the staple photocopier for modern offices, which shows how far this Japanese company has come since it started. Today, it is the go-to company for multifunction printers (MFPs) which can copy between 20 and 70 pages per minute (ppm).

Top Sharp Photocopiers

Sharp’s top copiers are easily categorized into:

  • Production MFP – These are black-and-white copiers that produce copies at high speed, perfect for demanding environments or large organisations.
  • Small Office MFP – Copiers in this category are designed to fit easily in small offices and homes. They produce 20 black-and-white ppm.
  • Office MFP – Office MFPs are great for small to medium businesses as they provide both mono and coloured output at a minimum of 18 ppm.
  • Next-Generation MFP – Offered with a touch screen control, copiers in this category ensure ease of use while ushering the new era of copiers.

Why Sharp Photocopiers?

Here are a few reasons why getting a Sharp copier would be a good option for your business:

  • Extra Value for Money – You will get the same functions of Canon’s expensive models but for a more reasonable price.
  • Additional Media Options – Sharp photocopiers are designed to print on different kinds of paper and card.
  • Lower Energy Consumption – The copiers use less energy and warm up quickly. They also shut down automatically when configured properly.

Compare Sharp And Canon Photocopiers

Now that you know a little more about Canon and Sharp copiers, you can choose between the two brands based on the features you need and how much you can afford. You can also try both brands by renting each for a short period of time to see which one is a better fit for your organisation.

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