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Dell Photocopiers - 2018 Overview


Dell were founded in 1984 in Texas by a teenager with just $1,000. They rapidly grew into an expansive, innovative company. In 1992 they debuted on the Fortune 500 and by 2001 they were ranked the world’s number 1 computer systems provider.

Today, Dell operate in 94 countries across the globe. They have won the Best Photo Printer and Best Photo Projector in TIPA Awards.

In 2003 Dell began selling their own brand printers to the public. In 2013 Dell privatised to accelerate their innovations and today they are a global leader in electronics including PCs, printers and digital storage.

Dell PhotocopiersRating
Variety of Machines3 / 5
Features3.5 / 5
Ease of Use4 / 5
Help & Support3.5 / 5

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Benefits of Dell photocopiers

  • Value for money
  • Heavy duty models
  • Fast output speeds
  • Efficient
  • High yield toners
  • Robust, compact designs

Dell Photocopiers for Small Businesses

Compare Dell small business photocopiers from the list below - find the machine most suitable for your business.

Colour MFP E525w

Dell Colour MFP E525w

The E525w is an affordable, efficient colour LED multifunction photocopier. It is compact in design and can be set up as a desktop or stand-alone machine.

As an all-in-one system all your printing, scanning, copying and faxing needs are taken care of. The printer can be seamlessly integrated within your workflow. WiFi connectivity enables you to effortlessly print from and scan to your workstation, while users can also connect straight from their smartphone or tablet, which allows you to easily print ‘on the go’.

The print speed of 18 pages per minute, scan speed of 17 images per minute and heavy print duty cycle of 30,000 sheets a month at reduced energy outage provide a productive and low cost option for smaller businesses.

MFP E514dw

Dell MFP E514dw

The E514dw is a compact and affordable monochrome multifunctional printer, scanner and copier. With a maximum monthly print volume of 1,000 pages it is best aimed towards the home worker or predominantly digital business.

Print speeds of 26 pages per minute improve productivity and the low price, combined with ease of use, Wi-Fi connectivity, mobile printing and paper handling features, you get a lot for what you pay for!

A nice money saving feature are the high-yield toner cartridges that offer yields of 3,000 pages in black and 2,500 in colour, which means supplies will need to be changed less frequently.

Colour Smart MFP H625cdw

Dell Colour Smart MFP H625cdw

The H625cdw is an efficient, high-performing, colour laser multifunction printer, scanner and copier. It is a medium duty device that is aimed towards the small or home office.

Very respectable print speeds of 25 pages per minute along with an auto duplex feature help to keep productivity levels high. The device is quick and easy to maintain, with new toner cartridges designed to prevent spillage – making them very easy to replace when empty.

A nice money saving feature are the high-yield toner cartridges that offer yields of 3,000 pages in black and 2,500 in colour, which means supplies will need to be changed less frequently.

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Dell Photocopiers for Medium Businesses

Dell's medium business photocopiers are capable of handling a large volume of work, without suffering from durability issues that may affect small options. Take a look at the list below to find the machine best for you.

Colour Smart MFP S2825cdn

Dell Colour Smart MFP S2825cdn

The S2825cdn is a smart, colour multifunction photocopier with low operating costs. It easily handles large print and scan jobs easily with an automatic document feeder.

The maximum monthly print volume of 50,000 sheets is high for this class and print speeds of 30 colour pages per minute make this a highly productive device.

Scanned documents can be sent directly to a shared point for you or your colleagues to access. The S2825cdn also automatically converts documents into PDF files that are easily searchable on the internal HDD, which helps to save time.

The in-built fax allows you to forward faxes to email without them being printed, saving money and helping you to look after the environment.

Colour MFP C7765dn

Dell Colour MFP C7765dn

The C7765dn is a robust and efficient A4/A3 multipurpose printer. It has fast print speeds of 35 A4 pages per minute in black and white or colour.

The smart scanner can scan two-sided documents with ease using its 75 page duplex auto document feeder. The auto duplexing feature can also be implemented for printing outputs and help reduce paper usage. The C7765dn can also print onto recycled media, which, along with numerous energy saving settings, helps to reduce environmental impact.

The long life cartridges output up to 26,000 pages in black and 15,000 pages in colour. The maximum monthly output duty of 153,000 pages will meet high volume printing requirements.

Smart MFP S2815dn

Dell Smart MFP S2815dn

The S2815dn is a reliable, high-performance black and white multifunctional printer. Designed with the medium business in mind, up to 80,000 sheets can be printed per month, at high output speeds of up to 40 pages per minute.

A printing resolution of 600 dpi provides good quality outputs. Advanced security options, including PIN protection means confidential documents will remain private. The touchscreen control panel is intuitive and responsive. It can also be customised to suit your workflow.

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Dell Photocopiers for Large Businesses

Large businesses generally require large-volume photocopiers that can run consistently without need for maintenance or servicing - Dell offer a range of machines that match these requirements.

MFP B5465dnf

Dell MFP B5465dnf

The B5465dnf is a great value, all-in-one monochrome laser printer, scanner and copier. The robust machine offers exceptionally fast print speeds of up to 70 pages per minute and as many as 300,000 pages can be output per month. This high volume cycle makes the printer best suited to large workplaces.

This photocopier can easily be set up with Gigabit Ethernet connections or wirelessly, through the optional wireless adaptor. The large 10.2” control panel can be customised with up to 25 shortcuts allowing you to quickly access frequently printed documents and other copy, fax and email functions.

Security options let you print confidential documents with confidence.

MFP B3465dnf

Dell MFP B3465dnf

The B3465dnf is a fast and dependable monochrome multifunction printer targeted towards larger businesses. It is network ready and can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow.

Rapid print speeds of up to 50 pages per minute are complimented by a quick first print out time of just 6.5 seconds. The 800 MHz processor and 1GB (upgradable to 3GB) of memory mean that the machine will easily cope with printing large numbers of jobs, while monthly print volumes of up to 150,000 pages ensure maximum productivity.

The standard 500 sheet capacity can be upgraded to 2,300, which allows you to leave the machine unattended during large print runs.

Cloud MFP H815dw

Dell Cloud MFP H815dw

The H815dw is an efficient and versatile multifunction monochrome printer-copier. Cloud compatibility allows you to connect straight to Salesforce and cloud storage sites, as well as enabling you to print remotely from tablets and smartphones.

You can copy, print, scan and fax with ease, utilising various features including the auto duplex document feeder and auto double side printing. Scanned files can also be converted into editable, searchable documents for maximum efficiency.

The 4.3” touchscreen is intuitive and easy to navigate; it can also be customised with shortcuts to streamline your workflow. Fast print speeds of 40 pages per minute at 600 dpi resolution brings efficiency to the workplace.

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Dell Photocopiers Summary

Dell photocopiers offer a number of simple office solutions. Their range of monochrome printers can handle heavy print demands with minimal fanfare and straightforward user operation.

They may not have as many features as some systems, but important things such as the ability to connect remotely, print from mobile devices and cloud compatibility all ensure that these efficient, reliable and robust machines serve you well.

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