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Konica Minolta Photocopiers - 2018 Overview

konica minolta

Konica Minolta were established in 1928. They have grown into one of the key figures in the technology industry. The company’s first photocopier, the Minolta Copymaster was completed in 1960 and today they specialise in multifunction photocopiers, which they sell across 35 countries around the globe.

The Konica Minolta brand is known for producing some of the most advanced multifunction photocopiers.

Konica Minolta PhotocopiersRating
Variety of Machines5 / 5
Features5 / 5
Ease of Use4 / 5
Help & Support5 / 5

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Benefits of Konica Minolta photocopiers

  • Large paper capacities
  • Fast outputs
  • Versatile paper handling
  • Advanced copying features
  • Good security options
  • High volume outputs
  • Intuitive interface

Konica Minolta Photocopiers for Small Businesses

Konica Minolta offer a range of photocopiers suitable for small businesses - for more information, simply take a look at the list below.

bizhub 4750

konica minolta bizhub 4750

The bizhub 4750 is a versatile A4 monochrome printer. It has a small footprint and will fit into even the smallest of spaces. It has a 7” touch screen that is easy to navigate.

This photocopier can output up to 47 pages per minute, which helps to increase productivity. Various finishing options include stapling, collate and offset. A USB port allows you to directly print from or scan to a removable media stick. You can also scan straight to email.

bizhub C3850

konica minolta bizhub C3850

The bizhub C3850 is a cost effective and efficient colour A4 laser printer. It is ideally suited to the small to medium workplace. A large colour touch screen navigation menu makes operation quick and easy for all users.

This model includes various eco options, which let the machine operate at lower energy. These lower its environmental impact and help to look after your bottom line.

Advanced security options allow you to set up user logins and passwords, ensuring the safety of your private documents.

bizhub 4020

konica minolta bizhub 4020

The bizhub 4020 is a straightforward, reliable all-in-one printer, copier and scanner that outputs at speeds of up to 40 pages per minute with complete ease.

The device has optional wireless connectivity, which allows it to be networked in multiple locations without the complexity of installing cables. A USB port adds flexibility as documents can be printed directly from or scanned straight to a memory stick.

The colour scanner supports documents including A4 and legal size. Fax functionality is included. Print features can include booklet, poster and watermark.

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Konica Minolta Photocopiers for Medium Businesses

Konica Minolta offer a range of photocopiers suitable for medium businesses - for more information, simply take a look at the list below.

bizhub C3350

konica minolta bizhub c3350

The bizhub C3350 is a fast and energy efficient multifunction printer. Fast print outputs of 33 pages a minute in both colour and monochrome help to increase productivity. Print quality, however, is not compromised as the 1,200 dpi resolution ensures that outputs are crisp and vivid in colour.

High performance scanning lets you preconfigure destinations for scans to be saved to. Alternatively scans can be saved directly to USB stick. Copying features allow you to print both sides of a driving license onto the same page. Duplexing comes as standard.

bizhub 4050

konica minolta bizhub 4050

The bizhub 4050 is a compact multipurpose printer that will fit into even the smallest of office spaces. This small machine is robust and powerful, churning out up to 40 pages a minute. It also scans extremely high resolution colour images and offers a range of finishing options, including group/sort and stapling.

This printer can be networked through WiFi, saving the hassle of installing cables. Automatic duplexing comes as standard, along with a USB port, which allows for flexible printing and scanning on the fly.

bizhub 284e

konica minolta bizhub 284e

The bizhub 284e is an efficient and flexible multifunction photocopying system. It has a first page out time of 20 seconds and a maximum print speed of 28 pages a minute.

Paper handling is flexible with paper sizes ranging from A6 to A3 as well as banner printing up to 1.2 metres long being accepted.

The capability of printing onto paper weights between 52 and 300 gsm offers further versatility to the print jobs you can perform in-house. Security options include password protected user access, alongside ID card or finger scanning authorisation.

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Konica Minolta photocopiers are designed to improve team efficiency


Konica Minolta Photocopiers for Large Businesses

Konica Minolta offer a range of photocopiers suitable for large businesses - for more information, simply take a look at the list below.

bizhub C224e

konica minolta bizhub c224e

The bizhub C224e is a robust and reliable A3 colour laser printer. High quality (1,800 equivalent dpi) documents print at a speed of 22 pages per minute in both colour and monochrome, with a first copy out time of less than 7 seconds.

The maximum paper capacity of 3,650 sheets ensures that large print jobs can be left unattended without the worry of running out of paper. The full colour scanning feature allows you to scan documents directly to email, PC, USB or to the machine itself, which has a 250GB hard drive.

The system can be upgraded to include fax capability as well as various other features including a dual scan document feeder, reverse automatic document feeder, punch kit and saddle-stitcher.

bizhub 364e

konica minolta bizhub 364e

The bizhub C364e is a high performance all-in-one printer, scanner and copier. It has superior security features and up to 1,000 user accounts can be configured, making it an ideal solution for the large workspace.

Finger scanning or ID card authentication ensure that private documentation can be printed with confidence.

This robust machine has a respectable copy speed of 45 pages per minute and can output documents from A5 to SRA3, and banners up to 1.2 metres.

A maximum paper capacity of 3,650 sheets combine with an auto duplexing feature to create a stress free, streamlined working environment.

bizhub C754e

konica minolta bizhub 364e

The bizhub 754e is powerful and efficient all-in-one multifunction printer, scanner and copier. Its large colour touch panel LCD screen is intuitive and uses technology similar to smart phones and tablet devices.

Fantastic print speeds of 75 pages a minute are matched with fast scan speeds of 180 images per minute. This printer-copier has good paper handling abilities, large paper storage capacities and flexible handling of different paper formats and sizes, making it an impressively versatile machine.

A number of additional features such as duplex printing and finishing options - including stapling - are beneficial. A booklet maker can be added if required.

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Konica Minolta Photocopiers Summary

Konica Minolta provide powerful machines that benefit from numerous advanced features, strong paper handling capabilities and very efficient output speeds.

Whether you want to simply print in colour, copy in black and white or create beautiful booklets with crisp graphical imagery a Konica Minolta all-in-one multifunction printer will allow you to do it all.

Even the more basic models can be upgraded with various cassette capacities and advanced finishing options that allow you to expand the device as your business grows.

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