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Lexmark Photocopiers - 2018 Overview


Lexmark was founded in Lexington, Kentucky in the United States in 1991. Although the company haven’t been around as long as some of their rivals, they have grown rapidly and are now extremely successful worldwide.

Lexmark are best known for their software and digital technologies products. Their photocopier products make up their most successful range and are known for their high capacity print handling, which makes them an ideal choice for medium to large businesses.

Lexmark PhotocopiersRating
Variety of Machines4.5 / 5
Features3.5 / 5
Ease of Use4 / 5
Help & Support4 / 5

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Benefits of Lexmark photocopiers

  • Reliable
  • Cost efficient
  • Well designed
  • Fast to configure
  • Good quality images
  • Crisp text output
  • Space saving
  • High volume printing options

Lexmark Photocopiers for Small Businesses

Lexmark offers a range of high-quality and affordable photocopiers suitable for a range of small businesses - take a look at the list below to find the best one for you today.


lexmark MX310DN

The MX310DN is a straight forward, cost effective multifunction copier-printer that is very easy to operate. It has a 2.4” colour LCD that allows users to easily navigate through the various options.

This photocopier boasts print, copy, scan and fax functionality all in one machine, and further benefits from an ergonomic, space-saving design that will easily fit into the smallest of workspaces.

The 800 MHz dual-core processor handles print jobs rapidly, with a maximum output of 35 pages per minute. A maximum monthly print volume of 6,000 pages means the system is aimed towards small businesses who want sharp quality outputs at an affordable cost.


lexmark CX410E

The CX410E is a super-fast, colour printing, multifunction printer. It has a colour touch screen control panel that is designed for ease of use. The CX410E is network ready and can print at speeds as high as 32 pages per minute.

This device has a 50 sheet auto document feeder, which improves the speed at which you can scan, copy or fax. Documents are printed at true 1,200 dpi resolution, which means graphics are excellent in quality and text is crisp.

The standard paper input capacity of 250 pages can be upgraded to a maximum of 1,450 pages, which allows for large print runs without interruption. This machine will print onto paper up to 135 gsm and on sizes including A4, A5, Folio, Letter and Legal.

Fax functionality is included as standard with a transmission speed of less than 3 seconds per page.


lexmark X746DE

The X746DE is an intuitive, environmentally conscious A4 colour laser printer-copier. It has a 7” colour touch screen control, which operates in a similar way to smartphones and tablets, and is therefore very easy to use; audible feedback also helps guide you.

Power saving modes help to reduce the electricity used in between print jobs, whilst eco-friendly modes can be selected to save paper by implementing automatic duplex printing. The fax redirection feature further reduces your environmental footprint by digitizing faxes and redirecting them to email rather than printing.

Security options allow you to print confidential documents with confidence. Fast print and copy speeds of up to 33 pages per minute in colour and black & white at a maximum of 1,200 dpi ensure productivity levels are high, whilst quality is not compromised.

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Lexmark Photocopiers for Medium Businesses

Medium businesses require higher volume photocopiers than some of those listed above - fortunately, Lexmark also offers machines capable of operating at a higher level - take a look at the list below to find one suitable for you.


lexmark MX510DE

The MX510DE is a versatile and fast-printing monochrome laser photocopier. It has an 800 MHz processor and prints at speeds of up to 42 pages per minute. It is designed to cope with high print volumes and can handle up to 12,000 pages per month.

The large 2,000 sheet capacity and extremely high yield toner means that large print jobs can print uninterrupted. The device has a large colour touch screen control panel that is easy to navigate. It can also be navigated remotely using a smartphone to access pre-loaded solutions. Duplexing is standard.


lexmark MX810DPE

The MX810DPE is an impressive, cost and time saving black and white laser printer. It has an e-Task touchscreen control panel that is fully customizable to streamline your workflow. It also boasts various finishing options, such as stapling and hole-punching.

The 1,200 standard sheet capacity means that large jobs can be printed without your attention, as there is no need to worry about whether there is enough paper in the machine to finish the job. Built in double sided printing allows you to further conserve paper usage.

Print speeds of up to 55 pages per minute and first page out times of 4.8 seconds and the ability to scan two sides of a document in just one pass, make for a highly productive model.


lexmark CX825DE

The CX825DE is a fast and efficient colour A4 laser printer, copier and scanner. It has a 10” display panel that uses touch screen technology, which can be operated easily and intuitively.

Paper handling is flexible with paper sizes ranging from A6 to A3 as well as banner printing up to 1.2 metres long being accepted.

The CX825DE prints at impressive speeds of 52 pages per minute, which will boost office productivity, as will the upgraded paper capacity of 4,500.

Finishing options include stapling and hole punching, allowing you to produce a variety of professional material in-house.

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Lexmark Photocopiers for Large Businesses

Lexmark cater to large businesses with a range of durable, high-volume photocopy machines - take a look at the list below to find one suitable for you.


lexmark MX912DE

The MX912DE is a robust, large format monochrome multifunction printer-copier. It has an enormous maximum monthly print volume of 300,000 pages and as such it is aimed at the largest workplaces. This device will print 65 pages per minute and has a capacity of 6,650 sheets, so you can leave large print jobs to finish whilst you focus on more important things.

Connectivity options are excellent with USB printing and scanning available, along with optional remote mobile phone printing. Advanced finishing options include saddle-stitch and trifold booklets as well as hole-punching and stapling.


lexmark X950DHE

The X950DHE is a powerful and efficient A3 multipurpose printer. It has an oversized 10” colour touch screen which allows you to navigate through the machine’s functions with ease.

Rapid printing speeds of 45 pages per minute for both single side and double side are matched with fast first page out speeds of 5.5 seconds. Paper handling is excellent – outputting onto paper sizes ranging up to A3 as well as banner printing. The X950DHE can also print onto envelopes, labels, transparencies and glossy paper, at weights from 60 to 256 gsm, which provides your office with great flexibility.

The already-sufficient standard paper capacity of 3,140 can be upgraded to 5,140 pages. Scanned documents can be sent directly to email, FTP, USB stick or a networked computer.


lexmark CX860DE

The CX860DE is a user friendly, cost efficient A4 colour printer. The multi-touchscreen can be activated by nearly anything, direct skin contact isn’t needed, and objects such as pens can be used in place of a finger to swipe and select.

The system has 2GB of memory and a 1.6 GHz quad core processor that enables fast print speeds of 57 pages per minute. Scanning options are also excellent with images scanned rapidly at 1,200 dpi resolution.

Finishing options include offset stacking, hole punching and stapling. Duplex printing and scanning comes as standard.

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Lexmark Photocopiers Summary

Lexmark offer a huge range of photocopying and printing systems that allow you to manage all your print productions in-house.

These devices care capable of handling huge print runs and can output thousands of multipage saddle stitched booklets at the click of a button, helping you to save time and money.

As well as the more advanced machines for larger workplaces, the entry-level printer-copiers provide simple printing, photocopying and scanning solutions at affordable prices.

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