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Ricoh Photocopiers - 2018 Overview

Ricoh photocopiers logo

Ricoh began to manufacture photocopiers in 1955. They have become a worldwide recognised company and they offer a range of photocopiers, all of which come with extensive warranties.

Ricoh photocopiers are known for their user-friendly design, which keeps the learning curve low and your team’s productivity high.

Ricoh PhotocopiersRating
Variety of Machines5 / 5
Features4 / 5
Ease of Use5 / 5
Help & Support4 / 5

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Ricoh are photocopier experts – their machines are fast-printing & efficient


Benefits of Ricoh photocopiers

  • Good customer services
  • High customer security
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low running costs
  • Good paper handling
  • Compact models available

Ricoh Photocopiers for Small Businesses

Ricoh manufacture a range photocopiers that are perfect for small business operations; to compare them now, simply continue reading the content below.

Aficio SG 3110SFNw

Ricoh Aficio SG 3110SFNw

The Aficio SG 3110SFNw is a powerful, versatile multifunctional model that prints in brilliant colour. Printing speeds of 29 pages per minute and colour scanning speeds of 12 pages per minute ensure that smaller offices can stay on top of larger jobs.

Ricoh’s Aficio SG 3110SFNw is ergonomically designed, giving this advanced machine an impressively small footprint. It is easy to set up, and can be operated cable-free, via a WiFi connection.


Ricoh SP C250SF

The SP C250SF is another small machine that will easily fit into any workplace. This all-in-one printer, copier, scanner and fax machine is a strong and versatile performer.

It prints 20 colour pages in a minute and duplex printing comes as standard. The machine is WiFi and network ready, which makes it easy to print remotely from smartphones and tablets.

Aficio MP W2401

Ricoh Aficio MP W2401

The Aficio MP W2401 is a wide format printer that is surprisingly small for a printer of its kind. As a multifunction dive, you can benefit from its versatility by scanning, copying and printing documents. The MP W2401 supports a range of paper sizes, from regular A4 up to A0.

This device can print up to six A1 or three A0 pages per minute at 600 dpi, making it handy from small or medium design studios or creative enterprises.

As well as offering flexible printing solutions for your wide format documents, this machine includes advanced security features to added protection and is configured to be very user friendly.

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Ricoh Photocopiers for Medium Businesses

Ricoh's medium business photocopiers are able to operate at high levels, without sacrificing quality after or during heavy use. Take a look at the options below to find a copier for your business.

MP 2554SP

Ricoh MP 2554SP

The MP 2554SP is a fast and efficient multipurpose photocopier aimed at the medium sized workplace. It offers solutions for busy document production and is an A3 printer that prints in monochrome and scans in colour.

This machine can be upgraded to include fax functionality. The printer features environmentally friendly low energy settings, such as sleep mode, which it recovers from in only five seconds, allowing you to reduce operating costs whilst remaining productive.

Up to 80 documents can be scanned in a minute and stored on the internal 320GB hard drive, copied straight onto a USB or forwarded to your inbox. Users can work remotely by using Ricoh’s Smart Device Connector.

MP 2001L

Ricoh MP 2001L

The MP 2001L is a simple and efficient monochrome copier. This no-frills machine has a small footprint, making it easy to squeeze into most offices, and offers straightforward copying functionality at a low cost. IT is the ideal machine for small or medium sized businesses who need a multifunction copier, but without the fancy features and high price tag.

It is easy to operate and provides high resolution (600 dpi) prints at quick speeds. Bulk copying of up to 99 copies at a time allows you to easily reproduce high volumes of documents. The paper input capacity of 1,350 sheets means that you do not need to constantly restock paper – saving your team time.

Overall, this system provides energy efficient and economical document copying solutions.

MP C3003SP

Ricoh MP C3003SP

The MP C3003SP is a colour all-in-one printer, copier and scanner that can be upgraded to include fax functionality. It is aimed towards the medium workplace and will handle high volume prints from busy departments.

The print output speed of 30 pages per minute ensures productivity levels remain high. Paper handling is flexible and allows you to output onto paper up to SRA3 and 300 gsm. The large paper input capacity of 4,700 sheets ensures you will not run out of paper on large print jobs and negates the need to constantly refill.

The MP C3003SP can be upgraded to feature finishing options including booklet maker and hole-punch.

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Ricoh photocopiers boost team productivity


Ricoh Photocopiers for Large Businesses

Large businesses require the highest function photocopiers - fortunately, Ricoh has a range of products able to operate at this level. Take a look at the copiers below to find one suitable for your business.

Aficio MP 6002

Ricoh Aficio MP 6002

The Aficio MP 6002 is an efficient, high end multipurpose copier-printer that will easily handle high volume document processing. It lets you automate large jobs to boost office productivity; its 8,300 input capacity ensures projects are completed quickly and efficiently, helping you save on time and resource costs.

This user-friendly photocopier is easy to operate and allows extremely fast printing outputs of 60 pages per minute, with a fast first print speed of just 3.9 seconds.

The Aficio MP 6002 copier will output up to 999 copies in a single job and the scanner works at 600 dpi resolution to scan 90 full colour images in a minute. Paper sizes are no worry as the MP 6002 caters for documents from B5 up to A3.

The included fax machine means that all your office needs will be covered with a single machine.

MP C8002SP

Ricoh MP C8002SP

The MP C8002SP is another extremely productive multipurpose machine offered by Ricoh. It outputs at spectacularly high speeds of 80 pages per minute in both colour and black & white. Duplexing printing and scanning come as standard and a range of finishing units can be added, which include a hole puncher and a 2,000 sheet booklet maker.

The mammoth 8,100 paper capacity allows for very large print jobs that will complete without interruption. Fax functionality, wireless connectivity and a 640 GB hard drive add further appeal.

MP C4503(A)SP

Ricoh MP C4503(A)SP

The MP C4503(A)SP is an efficient and versatile machine that provides printing, copying and scanning solutions for large workgroups. With its 250GB hard drive it can also be used as a central document server.

Intuitive technology allows users to scan documents at the touch of just one button and which can then be sent to a number of destinations including USB stick, FTP, email or folder within the system’s hard drive.

Rapid print speeds of 55 pages per minute are matched with high quality 1,200 dpi outputs. Fax functionality can be added.

Photocopiers for large businesses are important - to find the right one for your operation, simply complete the form at the top of this page.

Ricoh Photocopiers Summary

Ricoh provide a huge selection of multipurpose photocopying and printing systems that can provide solutions for all sizes of workgroup.

Low cost entry level models offer basic, no thrills copying that is both fast and cost efficient. The more advanced models offer versatile, high quality outputs with a choice of finishing options that allow large and busy businesses to produce quality media in house.

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