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Top 5 Photocopiers For Large Offices

If you operate a large business, you’re going to need a large – or at least a very powerful – photocopier. Depending on the size and scale of your business, you might well require several such machines to handle your monthly duty cycle.

A3 photocopiers, production photocopiers, photocopiers for business: the options out there are endless. With this in mind, we’ve put together an overview of some of the market’s best models.

These heavy-duty, high-quality MFPs get the job done every time, combining fast print speeds with industrial-scale paper capacities and features such as enhanced touchscreen interfaces and dual-scanning. Read on for our rundown of the five best large photocopiers for offices.

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Compare The Top 5 Large Office Photocopiers

The information on this page has been designed to provide large business owners or managers with some idea as to which copy machine would be best for their operations. The table below includes direct comparisons and, for more information, you should take a look at the full reviews below.

Konica bizhub 284eKonica?????
Ricoh MP C4503(A)SPRicoh?????
Xerox C75Xerox?????
Canon varioPRINT 135Canon????
Lexmark MX812DFELexmark????

For more options, visit our top 5 office photocopiers page to see our top picks for every business size.

Konica bizhub 284e

Konica bizhub 284e Large Business

The Konica bizhub 284e is an all-in-one photocopier known for its efficiency, reliability and long-lasting toner. Compatible with a wide range of IT environments thanks to Konica Minolta’s unified print technology, this stand-alone unit also supports a range of paper formats, including custom sizes and banners up to 1.2 metres in length

Cycle through print, copy, fax, scan and workflow operations easily using the nine-inch colour touch panel with multi-touch support, and make use of the optional dual-scan document feature to reduce on paper consumption.

Black and white documents are printed at 28 pages per minute in A4, and 14 ppm in A3, so you’ll never have to wait long for a job to process. Direct, driverless printing of a range of documents is available, while a dynamic, in-built eco timer analyses your working hours and adjusts the timing of sleep mode accordingly. Security protocols including passwords and ID cards help to ensure maximum security.

Ricoh MP C4503(A)SP

 Ricoh MP C4503(A)SP Large Business

Photocopiers for business use come in all different styles, but they’re usually big. The Ricoh MP C4503(A)SP is no different, though it’s certainly smaller than a great many of its competitors, a fact which explains the somewhat modest maximum paper capacity of 4,700 sheets.

Make no mistake, though: this is a formidable, high-end MFP. With a print and copy speed of 45 pages per minute, the MP C4503(A)SP streaks ahead of the competition. To give your documents a professional look, add-ons can be purchased for the printer, including those for booklet creation, saddle stitching and watermarks.

Page size and formatting are also customisable, while a variety of security features include user authentication and access restriction. Needless to say, having control over who can and cannot view critical documents is important to a panoply of large businesses. This Ricoh copier also boasts Ethernet, USB and wireless connectivity, high-res colour printing, a single pass duplex feeder and lightning-bolt scanning at 180 pages per minute.

Xerox C75

Xerox C75 Medium Business

In an era where business throws up ever more complex challenges, large photocopiers are a necessity. The Xerox C75, launched in 2013, is nothing short of a production powerhouse.

This heavyweight laser printer, which has a deceptively small footprint, is flexible enough to handle a range of common and uncommon document-processing jobs. It’s also a rapid printer, churning out up to 75 pages per minute thanks to its high-capacity feeding.

The Xerox C75 makes short work of all colour copying, scanning and printing tasks, including duplex printing, and it can ably handle a monthly volume of 75,000 pages. Printing and copying is achieved at 2,400 dpi on an array of coated and uncoated stocks, a fact which owes plenty to the creditable Xerox Automated Colour Quality Suite.

Canon varioPRINT 135

Canon varioPRINT 135 Large Business

The Canon varioPRINT 135 meets the highest demands placed upon it by large workgroups. This versatile all-in-one counts ease of operation, image consistency and low energy consumption among its finest features, with seamless workflow integration another notable feather in its cap.

A production photocopier with few equals, the varioPRINT 135 excels in the imaging department, producing consistently high-quality prints regardless of temperature, humidity or toner mixtures.

All features are accessible via a PRISMAsync controller, a user interface which hands control over production scheduling directly to the user. Functions such as print, scan, copy and job editing can be accessed from the UI, and a customised media catalogue guarantees smooth handling for every job.

As far as speed goes, the varioPRINT 135 can produce 138 images per minute (a4 duplex) – perfect for large, busy offices.

Lexmark MX812DFE

Lexmark MX812DFE Large Business

A high-end laser photocopier with a small footprint, the Lexmark MX812DFE provides full print, copy, scan, fax and email functions. Equipped with a customisable e-Task colour touch screen, this all-in-one also boasts 3GB of upgradable memory and a formidable 800MHz dual-core processor.

Lexmark have built a fine reputation in the MFP market, and this model does nothing but re-inforce the brand’s good standing and commitment to quality. With built-in two-sided printing, and the ability to print on diverse materials, users can expect to improve their business performance while using less paper.

The MX812DFE can easily cope with high volume jobs and is able to print 100,000 pages per month while avoiding potential time-consuming issues thanks to its highly efficient paper handling. Print and copy speeds hit 70 pages per minute, and the print resolution is an impressive 1,200 x 1,200 dpi.

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The photocopier market is constantly evolving, but the machines mentioned in this article are among the best choices for large offices and workgroups. If you need a dependable, large-volume production photocopier, you can’t go wrong with the models listed above.

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