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Utax Photocopiers - 2018 Overview

Utax Photocopiers

UTAX is an established digital technology company. It was founded 55 years ago in Hamburg and the UK branch of the company was established in 1989. Today, the company has authority in more than 40 countries.

In 1999 UTAX became a part of the TA Triumph-Adler Group, who are the biggest office equipment supplier in Germany. UTAX are known for the sale, support and service of office photocopying and printing systems.

Utax PhotocopiersRating
Variety of Machines4 / 5
Features4 / 5
Ease of Use5 / 5
Help & Support5 / 5

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Utax photocopiers are easy to use out of the box – improving productivity for your teams


Benefits of Utax photocopiers

  • Cost effective
  • Well designed
  • User friendly operation
  • Reliable
  • Excellent on-going support
  • Document consulting service
  • High quality output
  • High speed printing
  • Handle extremely high print volumes

Utax Photocopiers for Small Businesses

Although small businesses will generally require a smaller volume photocopier than larger enterprises, they will still need equipment that is able to operate at a high standard. The range of options below include copiers capable of providing high quality at all times.


Utax 206ci Photocopier

The 206ci is multifunctional machine will copy, print and colour scan. It can be upgraded to include fax functionality. Print and copy speeds are 20 pages in a minute, at 600dpi resolution. p>

Features include duplexing, ID card copy and up to 20 user logins can be created. The machine also features a USB port and SD slot.


Utax 1855 Photocopier

The 1855 is a compact monochrome A3 multifunctional system. Although this model only prints in black and white, it scans in colour, which offers more versatility. The machine has a fast first page out time of less than 6 seconds and it will print up to 18 pages of A4 in a minute, at 600 dpi resolution.

Paper handling is good; the machine accepts paper ranging from A5R to A3 at weights of 64-160 gsm. A USB port is included, allowing users to print directly from or scan to a USB stick.


Utax P-3020 Photocopier

The P-3020 is a cost effective and efficient multipurpose system. It offers printing, colour scanning and printing solutions all in the one machine. Fast printing speeds of 30 sheets of A4 per minute brings productivity to the workplace.

The standard 300 sheet capacity can be upgraded to 800 sheets, to save time restocking paper. Features include duplexing, ‘scan once – copy many’ and the device allows printing of barcodes, PDF & USB direct printing and secure printing.

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Utax Photocopiers for Medium Businesses

Medium businesses will require hardy, durable and quality copying equipment; Utax photocopiers are well suited to this environment, and can help staff to make the most of their time.


Utax 3060i Photocopier

The 3060i is an innovative and reliable machine that provides high quality, cost effective printing. Its large touch panel navigation screen is easy to operate. Print speeds of 30 pages of A4 in a minute are matched with fast first page out times of just 3.6 seconds.

The device will print and scan documents as large as A3. It will scan directly to email, USB, FTP or to SMB.


Utax 4505ci Photocopier

The 4505ci is a speedy, efficient colour A3 all-in-one printer. It is designed with the medium sized workplace in mind and will handle high print volumes with ease. Paper handling is excellent, with flexible outputs onto paper up to 300 gsm and from size A6R up to A3.

This machine has fast print speeds of 45 pages per minute in both black and white and in colour. It can be upgraded to include fax functionality.


Utax P-6035i Photocopier

The P-6035i is a robust, productive A4 multifunctional laser printer. It has a large intuitive, user friendly navigation panel. High print speeds of up to 60 pages per minute at A4 and 43 pages per minute in duplex mode, along with a first page out speed of 8 seconds helps workplace productivity.

The 500 sheet paper feed capacity means that you are not constantly restocking paper, which helps save time. The system allows you to print directly from or scan directly to a USB stick. Remote printing from smart phones and tablets is accessible via the Mobile Print/AirPrint technology.

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Utax Photocopiers for Large Businesses

Utax offer a number of photocopiers that are well suited to large business needs; not only able to operate consistently - generally without stopping - these devices also do not sacrifice quality.


Utax 5505ci Photocopier

The 5505ci is a superior, robust A3 multifunctional system that is targeted towards the large workplace. Print speeds of 45 pages per minute at A4 and 23 pages a minute at A3 are matched with a speedy first page print speed of under 6 seconds.

The machine comes with two 500 sheet cassettes and can be upgraded to store a total of 7,150 sheets, ideal for heavy print volumes. Paper handling is excellent; it will print on paper from A6R to A3+, as well as banners up to 1.2 metres. The USB port and CF slot are useful features.


Utax 7505ci Photocopier

The 7505ci is a fast, efficient and robust colour printer, scanner and copier all in one; fax upgrades are optional. It is designed with the large workplace in mind and can handle heavy print volumes.

Its high speed outputs of 70 pages of A4 per minute and 35 pages of A3 per minute, ensure that productivity levels are high. Along with high speed production, comes excellent quality print outputs; 900dpi resolution and the 256 greyscales ensure crisp text and graphic outputs. Further features include a USB port.


Utax 6555i Photocopier

The 6555i is a high speed, high quality A3+ multipurpose black and white photocopier, printer and scanner. It has an intuitive large colour control panel that is easy to navigate and that can be fully customised.

Print speeds of 64 pages of A4 in a minute are matched with fast first output speeds of under six seconds. Paper handling on this system is excellent; it will print on paper from A5R to A3 and banners up to 1.2 metres in length, and on weights between 35 to 220 gsm, all at the high quality of 900dpi. Duplexing comes as standard and a USB port is included for direct printing.

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Utax Photocopiers Summary

Utax photocopiers offer cost effective printing and copying solutions and are especially targeted towards medium and large sized workplaces.

These systems can easily handle heavy print loads, printing and copying at impressive speeds whilst retaining high quality outputs.

Utax have also ensured that these multifunction printers are easy to operate, with menus that can be customised to suit your team’s workflow. You’ll also find the company’s aftersales support is excellent.

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