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Are you looking for new customers? Approved Index attracts 1,000s of new buyers every
month looking to purchase products and services for their businesses.

Approved Index Lead Generation Programs Deliver

arrow Relevant & Interested Buyers: Each buyer takes the time to complete a form with their purchase requirements and contact information. They are then verified by phone by our expert qualification team.

arrow Measurable ROI: You pay per lead and can easily track your leads so your ROI is transparent and simple to calculate.

arrow A Low Risk Marketing Channel: You can limit your monthly spend by telling us the maximum number of leads you want to receive each month.

Why join the Approved Index Supplier Network?

arrow Boost Sales & Return On Investment - Within 3 months A 3 month ROI contract with Approved Index offers you the opportunity to receive a good volume of targeted, qualified leads relevant to your business, so you can accurately assess your return on investment. The relevancy of leads keeps waste low, sales conversions high, and will enable you to effectively grow your business.

arrow We Can Work With Any Budget You only pay for the leads you receive and you can cap your leads at a level that's suitable for you so it's easy to manage your workflow and your budget.

arrow Spend More Time Selling, Less Time Cold Calling Qualified Leads are buyers interested in making a purchase! Your sales reps can contact them immediately, confident that they are interested buyers and want to learn more about a service like yours.

arrow Partner With A Lead Generation Expert Approved Index has been generating qualified leads since 2004 and has successfully helped thousands of small and medium sized companies to grow their businesses.

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What Customers Think Of Our Service

" As someone who was 'volunteered' to arrange a party for around 200 people with a 'different theme' I had no idea where to start. The person from Approved Index was incredibly helpful and put me in touch with a range of companies who came back to me very quickly. I would definitely use Approved Index again. "

OASSIS Applications Analyst, Alliance and Leicester

Alliance and Leicester


arrow How many suppliers get each Approved Index lead? Each lead is sent to 4 companies on average so that buyers can compare quotes effectively. With lead fees starting at under £20 it is possible to achieve a very healthy ROI.

arrow What kind of commitment do I have to make when signing up? We offer a variety of contract types ranging from 3 to 12 months. The number of leads you sign up for and your coverage area is up to you to decide.

arrow How does Approved Index attract so many buyers? We publish thousands of articles on business to business purchasing which appear highly in search engine results pages, boast over 150,000 newsletter subscribers and run extensive paid search campaigns. Our coverage of business products, services and equipment mixed with our online marketing expertise make us a daily destination for business buyers.

arrow What if I have a problem with a particular lead? In the rare event that a lead contains inaccurate buyer information or is not legitimate, Approved Index will grant you a replacement lead.

arrow Do you generate leads from across the UK? Yes. Our buyers come from all areas of the United Kingdom.

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Reed Learning

"We've been extremely impressed with Approved Index – they have consistently sent us a good number of high quality sales leads and their customer service has been excellent."

Telemarketing Manager, Toyota Material Handling UK

Reed Learning

"Approved Index have given us a fantastic service with great quality leads that have so far brought us a 500% return on investment."

Marketing Manager, Reed Learning

Reed Learning
"Approved Index are a fantastic source of highly qualified leads. We have been using them for several years and their service has always been second to none. I would highly recommend Approved Index to other businesses"

Managing Director, Toolkit Websites

Colgate-Palmolive (UK) Ltd

" I was really surprised that the service worked so fast! Just 10 minutes after I placed a request for a quote on your website I received many calls. I found the service really useful as it gave me the chance to get a quick overview of the translation companies on the market. Great job. "

Web Developer, Cobra Beer Ltd

Colgate-Palmolive (UK) Ltd

" I got calls from all of the companies you recommended to me. It was well worth it – it appears that the Approved Index is working and communicating well with its recommended companies! "

Technical Network Analyst, Colgate-Palmolive (UK) Ltd

Colgate-Palmolive (UK) Ltd
" I got a very good response by using your service, and very prompt too! "

Personnel Officer, Unilever UK