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Benefits of Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma Benefits

Six Sigma training is a set of development programmes that business organisations use to improve their product quality and customer service. The training progresses through different levels and aims to reduce inefficiency across a business enterprise.

Six Sigma processes can offer a wide array of benefits for businesses of any size. From smoother processes to more efficient teamwork, you'll notice a quick improvement in the way your team work.

If you’re unsure of what Six Sigma can offer you and your business, take a look below for to find out about the many proven benefits available to businesses and individuals.

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Can Six Sigma Help My Business?

Six Sigma was developed by Motorola in 1986 and it has since been adopted by businesses in many other industries. Companies that have utilised the programme and employed its methodologies claim that business productivity has increased and that their employees’ business skills and efficiency have greatly improved.

Company Benefits

Increased bottom line cost savings

By working more efficiently and trying to minimise process waste – an important tenet of Lean Six Sigma practice – then you will naturally see a fall in spending, which can lead to savings of between 5-20% depending on how rigorously Six Sigma processes have been adopted.

Unified workforce

The Six Sigma methodology is a transferable language across any business. With defined terms and backed by mathematical analysis, each trained member of your team will be able to buy into a powerful overarching concept that can be rolled out – confusion-free – across entire enterprises.

Promotes efficient use of resources

Six Sigma teaches strategies that encourage a more efficient utilisation of company resources, particularly by cutting down on costs. You’ll also improve ROI by getting the optimal usage from materials used by the business.

Boosts the company’s reputation

There’s a certain degree of prestige associated with a company that practises Six Sigma, as Six Sigma companies are known to have a strong workforce and high productivity. This will give you a competitive edge in the market as you will have demonstrable evidence of working effectively and efficiently.

Gives shareholders confidence

A business that has adopted Six Sigma principles has the ability to make considerable savings and increase its profitability. This potential is definitely a big boost to the company’s investors.

Increases customer satisfaction

Six Sigma methodologies are geared at improving business profits by delivering great services efficiently. In business, Six Sigma defines a defect as anything that doesn’t provide value to the customer. Therefore, by employing Six Sigma tools and techniques, your team will be refining processes and offerings, which you’ll find leads to high customer satisfaction.

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Individual Benefits

Provides you with a transferrable set of marketable skills

Six Sigma training is a world-renowned qualification and being Six Sigma-certified is considered a career boost by many employees. Six Sigma trained people are known to have great analytical ability as well as the skills needed to find practical solutions to any business-related problems that might arise. Thus Six Sigma trained employees have better chances of career advancement and are more attractive to future employers.

Hones your skills and builds confidence

Six Sigma training will give you the skills to approach any problem with confidence. It gives you the ability to approach and understand data, then make sound decisions based on these data. On top of these, you will learn how to sell your ideas and proposals as well as plan and complete projects that will implement your ideas and make them stick.

Recognisable qualification

The higher bands of Six Sigma training (Green Belt and above) are all achieved through the completion of an exam through a certified board. The qualification you receive is a recognisable one throughout the business world, wherein Six Sigma methodologies can hold significant sway.

Next Steps

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