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Six Sigma Black Belt - Approved Overview 2018

Six Sigma Black Belt

Six Sigma is a process management and refinement methodology that is used throughout the business world to improve output and quality, whilst reducing costs through evidence based decision making.

A variety of statistical tools, management techniques and analytical models are available to those who practice Six Sigma processes. Practitioners' familiarity with, and experience of using, these techniques is highlighted through the use of coloured belts: White, Yellow, Green or Black Belts.

Are you already a Six Sigma Green Belt & looking to push yourself to the next level?


What is the role of a Six Sigma Black Belt?

Black Belt Six Sigma status indicates that you are a Six Sigma project leader – that you are comfortable using a variety of statistical tools to measure and analyse processes, identify problems and plan improvements. By running simulations or piloting these improvements, you can then confidently implement process control systems to improve and maintain consistent outcomes.

Holding a Six Sigma Black Belt also indicates that you have successfully implemented similar projects before and that you can manage a Six Sigma project team effectively.

A trained Six Sigma Black Belt holder can:

  • Comfortably lead and educate a team in Six Sigma methodologies
  • Expertly analyse process statistics and identify where waste can be reduced
  • Manage Six Sigma projects and efficiently lead them to a successful completion
  • Utilise a wide range of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ process improvement skills and techniques

Six Sigma Black Belt Training

The objective of Six Sigma Black Belt training courses is to develop a broad set of skills that let you function efficiently and effectively.

You can expect to gain a deep understanding of Six Sigma Black Belt processes and practices, whilst also mastering practical quantitative and non-quantitative analytical technique. You will emerge with the team leadership skills required to productively drive projects forward towards completion.

What are the Benefits of Six Sigma Black Belt Training?

Undergoing Six Sigma Black Belt training will teach you to:

  • Be flexible when employing DMAIC processes
  • Share your knowledge and training with your wider team
  • Streamline processes and cut out relevant waste identified through SIPOC methods
  • Act responsively and dynamically to process refinement requests from a wide range of businesses
  • Work efficiently and improve profits
  • Best utilise individual members to achieve success as a team

Black Belt Training Course Contents

A Black Belt training course will normally contain the following topics:

  • How to effectively communicate Lean Six Sigma concepts to a team
  • Understanding your business as a collection of Key Process Input Values and Outputs (KPIV / KPOV)
  • Implement high level Six Sigma concepts into your business objectives
  • Evaluate processes using a Sigma Level indicator
  • Understanding and applying the DMAIC methodology to refine business processes
  • Utilise a broad range of methodologies and analytical techniques
  • Recognise the essential structural factors that define a successful Six Sigma Black Belt project
  • How to use the Six Sigma Black Belt techniques to deliver measurable results to your business

Six Sigma Black Belt courses are the most expensive Six Sigma courses available, but are also the most advanced. You’ll gain a mastery of statistical models, tools and techniques, that will offer tangible, real-world benefits.

Who should complete Six Sigma Black Belt Training?

Six Sigma Black Belt training is recommended for:

  • Those responsible for leading a team
  • Individuals who execute process improvement projects
  • Six Sigma trainers
  • Six Sigma Coaches
  • Six Sigma Mentors

For individuals looking to specialise in Six Sigma and who want to master the Black Belt level, then we recommend researching and completing your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training, which focuses more on process refinement and wastage minimisation.

Six Sigma Black Belt Training Courses

With numerous Six Sigma Black Belt training courses available in the UK, you have a choice of both public courses, which are aimed at individuals, and private, in-house courses that are ideal for groups of employees or training a whole team at once.

Certified Training

You can gain certification from the vast majority of UK Six Sigma training companies, many of which are recognised by certified organisations such as the British Quality Foundation. With Six Sigma Black Belt, you will need to complete a four-hour, open book exam and provide evidence of having completed two Six Sigma projects before being awarded certification.

To achieve Black Belt Six Sigma certification, it isn’t necessary to have previously achieved either Green or Yellow Belt, but it is suggested that do so as to have a full understanding. Training courses can last anywhere between 2-4 weeks, depending on the provider. However, as you need to successfully implement two projects to achieve Black Belt, achieving full certification may take a bit longer.

Online Training

It is possible to complete online Six Sigma Black Belt training, but you will miss out on the practical aspects, such as live learning, active discussion and full understanding, and the important team based exercises that offer such solid grounding. However, if you are pressed for time, then online learning might prove a more convenient avenue for businesses looking to gain a solid appreciation and understanding of Six Sigma Black Belt processes.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Courses

Lean Six Sigma is a synthesis of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing methodologies. Lean processes aims to eliminate waste and improve process flow.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Courses are recommended for those individuals looking to progress and master Six Sigma processes, with a view to training or leading others in these methodologies.

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