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Six Sigma Training Prices 2018

Six Sigma Value

Six Sigma training can be divided into two categories: Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma.

Each offers techniques and methodologies to improve business processes, with Six Sigma focusing on reducing business ‘defects’ (defined here as anything that offers no value to customers) and Lean Six Sigma encouraging a minimisation of wasted time and materials.

This guide to Six Sigma Training costs will outline potential costs for courses and is based on the latest prices provided by Approved Index suppliers.

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Six Sigma Certification Cost

Six Sigma courses are available with and without certification from industry bodies such as the British Quality Foundation, Chartered Quality Institution or BSI Group.

Whilst the prices below reflect the most recent offerings by our Approved Suppliers, it is important to note that course prices vary between suppliers and it is highly recommended that you gather as many quotes as possible before choosing a Six Sigma training course.

The table below contains some information about six sigma certification costs - for the most accurate information though, you should complete the form at the top of this page.

TierLength of CourseCostContent Overview
Six Sigma White Belt
One day£200-£250
Six Sigma training for those just starting out, which
introduces the candidate to the fundamental concepts
Six Sigma Yellow BeltThree days£600-£800
(+ VAT)
Slightly more advanced course that provides a more
in-depth introduction to Six Sigma concepts and methods.
Six Sigma Green Belt10 Days
(two 5 day blocks
over 2 months)
(+ VAT)
At Green Belt level, statistical techniques and methods
are introduced and taught. These courses go deeper
into Six Sigma methodology and teach the tools necessary
for implementing Six Sigma projects.
Six Sigma Black Belt5 weeks
(1 week per month
over 5 months)
(+ VAT)
This upper-tier course takes candidates to the level at which
they are not only expert in devising and implementing Six
Sigma projects but are also capable of teaching Six Sigma
techniques to others in their organisation.

Lean Six Sigma Training Prices

Lean manufacturing is a methodology that is complementary to Six Sigma principles and aims to minimise waste in business processes, thus increasing speed and reducing lead times. Incorporating Lean and Six Sigma methods gives you Lean Six Sigma.

TierLength of CourseCostContent Overview
Lean Six Sigma
Awareness Course
One day£250
Introductory course to the principles of Lean
manufacturing and how they can be applied to
Lean Six Sigma
Foundation Green Belt
4-5 days£600-£800
(+ VAT)
The Foundation Green Belt course provides a
more in-depth introduction to Lean Six Sigma without
going into advanced statistical techniques.
Lean Six Sigma
Advanced Green Belt
10 Days
(split into two
5 day modules)
(+ VAT)
Delves into the more advanced techniques providing
candidates with the skills and knowledge to implement
projects, remove waste from processes and be able
to demonstrate benefits to others.
Lean Six Sigma
Black Belt
16-20 days£5,000+
(+ VAT)
The most advanced Lean Six Sigma course, which teaches
candidates how to drive Lean Six Sigma Projects and teach
Six Sigma, Lean and Business Improvement techniques to others.

Moving Between Levels and Other Courses

Rather than going for a Black Belt course straight away, you might prefer to avoid such heavy financial and time commitments by taking courses incrementally. For example, it is possible to upgrade from Lean Six Sigma Foundation to Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for around £2,500 +VAT, whilst upgrading from Lean Six Sigma Green Belt to Black Belt costs about £3,500 +VAT.

Other modules available from Six Sigma training companies include courses on advanced statistical methods, change management or Lean Six Sigma for Innovation and Design. Courses range in price from £400 to £3,000 but by the time you need to take such courses you’ll probably have a greater understanding of what you’re looking for.

Six Sigma Training for Teams

Six Sigma training courses, including Lean, are available on a bespoke basis for companies looking to train several staff members at the same time. This will obviously negate the need for travel and accommodation but does mean that you need the space and facilities to host the training, as well as allowing for the trainer’s expenses. Significant savings can be made through open courses however, so we recommend looking around for several quotes to find the best deal.

Incidental Six Sigma Training Costs

Some courses, especially at the Black Belt level, require you to purchase computer programmes for statistical analysis (most commonly MINITAB). This can cost up to £1,000 so be sure to check.

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