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.NET Developer: Guide To Process and Prices

.NET is one of the leading software frameworks in use today. It allows programmers to operate different programming languages simultaneously. This interoperability is what sets .NET apart from other software frameworks. If you have a task that involves using .NET, you need to hire a qualified and experienced developer for the job. .NET requires specialised skills and training which some web developers may not be able to offer you. Moreover, this is one job you are better off outsourcing than completing in-house.

The only hindrance to hiring a .NET developer for most businesses is the cost. Since the developers are specialists, they are able to command a decent sum of money for their services. While you have the option to pay them on an hourly or daily basis, the overall cost could prove to be too much for your business to bear. This is why you need to be familiar with the pricing for .NET developer services.

Price Ranges for .NET Development Services

Bottom Price Range

The bottom price range begins from £250. According to a survey, over 90% of businesses in the UK that used the services of a .NET developer in the past three months paid the developer £250 a day. The ceiling for this price range is £300. This is why most small businesses might not be able to afford hiring a .NET developer. Most of the tasks entrusted to a developer who specialises in .NET will last between 3 and 5 working days. Therefore, you need to keep this in mind when hiring the developer.

Considering the hourly rate, the lowest amount paid to a .NET developer was £24 an hour. That equates to around £192 per day based on an 8-hour working day. This is fairly close to the lowest daily rate, but still enables you to get the services you need for almost £60 less. However, there may be variances in the lowest hourly rate.

Medium Price Range

The medium price range is based on the average sum of money paid to .NET developers by businesses. This works out to around £350 going all the way up to £400. Most small businesses will not be able to spend that much money on hiring a .NET developer for a day if the job is going to extend beyond a week. On the other hand, mid-sized businesses might not have any problems paying this amount. This is the rate charged by more experienced and qualified .NET developers.

The medium hourly rate works out to around £35. Once again, if you equate that with an 8-hour working day, it will enable you to hire a .NET developer for a working day at much less than the daily rate. Since .NET developers are known to log 10 to 12 hours a day, you might actually have to pay them more money than they would charge on a daily rate.

Higher Price Range

A mere 10% of businesses in the UK paid over £500 to hire a .NET developer for a day, so this becomes the highest price range for your references. £500 is a substantial sum of money to spend in a day on any service, let alone a specialised one. There is little chance that small and even mid-sized businesses would be able to afford to pay this price. Even large businesses have their own in-house web development staff so that they can get by without outsourcing the task. This is why the number of companies that pay the highest price is low.

The hourly rate in this price range is around £45. This is suitable for businesses that want to employ a .NET developer for a few hours. Over a period of a week or so, the developer could have logged over 75 to 80 hours and you would have to pay around £3,500 for his/her services. This is pretty much in keeping with the daily rate. The thing to note here is that the higher the price, the more equitable it becomes in terms of hourly and daily rates.

How Much Should You Spend?

As you can see, you need to have deep pockets to be able to afford the top bracket of .NET developers. The ones that are in the lower price range generally lack experience and are finding their footing in the market. This makes the medium price range the most suitable for your business. Still, your budget dictates the decision you make in the end. Also, keep the needs of your business in mind. If it is a minor task, you shouldn’t have to pay through the roof to hire a .NET developer for it.

So the next time you want to hire a .NET developer, use this price guide as a point of reference to make the right decision.

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